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Table of Contents 

Chapter I 

Time Remembered 5 

Chapter II 

Celebration 1 7 

Chapter III 

Our Time 33 

Chapter IV 

Growth 91 

Chapter V 

Play 107 

Chapter VI 

Competition 123 

Chapter VII 

Appreciation 155 

Chapter VIII 

Contribution 167 





4 i. 

/ .% 




Silver Lake Regional High School 

" Kingston, MA 02364 

tHE &iom BEOH s 

♦ «♦♦'♦ 

Siber £gke ^gionalfiigh School 

260 Pembroke Street 

JCingston, Nfyl 02364 

1997 Torch 

Volume 42 

Once Qpon a Time ... 


Tight Squeeze... Jim Burns, Kristen Fortini, Dina Brennan, Becky 
Harris, Chris Dolan and JuHe Rothhaar. 

Three Amigos...Steve Harling, Tony 
Snowdale and Tim Gleason. 

E E N 

Class Act... Mrs. Mutrie's period six class - Charlie Trapp, Matt Bray, Kellie Grahn, Rainer Borchet, Jeff DeLappe, 
Leah Rodrigue, Heather Dion, John Hannon, Krista Koylion, Jay Cardinal, Cheryl Barrows, Dave Hillery, Karina 
Mollica, Michelle Walmsley, Tanya Dingey, Andy Haddock, Sara Zifcak and Tiffany McCarthy. 

A+++... Amber O'Neil, Andrea Govoni, and Andrea 


Senior Spirit... Matt Fulton, Jeremy Dutra, Paul 
Blaney, Chris Gale and Rob Cahill lead the parade 
at the homecoming game half-time show. 


Out??? ^?^1^Tf^' > 

Kerryn j;!;^ 

Donahoe ^n> 
tells the ^> , 

line judge ;';V:^-;;^. 
to put on '' „, ^ '_ J 
his glasses! 

. \ '"i 

riends on and off the field. ..Miss Lopes, Kristin Kuja, Heather 
arker, Aroline Siebert, Heather Driscoll and Sara Zifcak. 

The story began at Silver 
£ake ^gional Juniorjiigh 
School . J^or six years, 
students from JCingston, 
^lympton, Jialifax and 
'Pembroke attended school 
together. Over time they 
became friends, teammates, 
and genuinely a class. 
Mnally those tiny seventh 
graders became seniors; this 
is their story.... 

Showing some leg.. Jill DeMullis, Brandi Kessel, Dawn 
Kressler, Joy Haugh, Carol Edic, Lisa Hill, Stacy Nista and 
Sheri Buckingham pose at the prom. 

six Einsteins... Jim Burns, John Fiumara, Joe 
Janes, Steve Emerson, Kevin Lang and Josh Hatch. 

Picture perfect... Dawn Looby, Kristin Kuja, Laura O'Keefe, 
Kerry Watson, Heather Dion, Michelle Walmsley, and 
Rachel Souza wait patiently for their turn around 
the track. • ^ 

"TTie Class of 1997 dedicates this 
yearbook to you... 

Mrs. Jjnda Gould 

^<^n enthusiastic math teacher, Mrs. Gould is 
knownfor her positive outlool< oi i life. She has been 
teaching here at Silver jCgke for over ten years and 
has mastered the technique of making her class 

jjls our junior class advisor. Mrs.Gould worked 
diligently to make our year outstanding in eveiy 
way. Some successful events she directed were Mr. 
Silver Xgke (even with a head injury), the maga- 
zine drive, the winning homecoming float and, of 
course, our Junior Prom. Jier hard work arul 
leadership were responsible for the healthy finan- 
cial position of our clctss as we entered our senior 

j'ls the last class that she advised, the Class of 97 
wishes to honor Mrs. Gould by dedicating our 
yearbook to her. 


or Treat... 

Kristan Howie 


Kevin Kaiser 

are ready for 


The Plympton Gang... Back: Shauna Zanolli, Heather Parker, 
Meghan Canty, P.J. Simeone, Kieth Robbins, Billy Palmer, 
Carol Edic. Front: Jaime Gill, Merri Fumarola, Kara Bergeron, 
Kelly Robbins, Danielle Massie, Jessy Henry. 

Baby faces... Jon Whiting and Scott MacLean 
were so young and innocent. 

Names, anyone. ..The Kingston crew will never 
forget sixth grade with Mr. Robbins. 

Look out Junior High... here come Michelle Hallahan, Jill DeMullis, 
Stacey Nista, Stefanie Janhola, Laura Glover, Sheri Buckingham, 
Marie Sanford, Joanna Converse, and Sandy Beaton. 

Friends forever... Jane Brennan and 
Kristen McAuhffe. 



Two's company, but three's a 
crowd... Dan Sandberg, Kathryn 
Kennefick, and Cory Pento. 

What a pair... Sean Haggerty 
and Tiffany McCarthy were a 
match made in heaven. 

Girls just wanna have fun... Amber O'Neil, Kerry Arnold, Katie 
Harrigan, Unknown, Danielle Kennedy, Kristen Fortini, Bonnie Oates, 
Michelle Madden, Laurel Nee. 

The tie-dyed team... Tanya Dingy, Andrea Quinn, Adrianne Garsh, 
Stefanie Janhola. 

So happy together... Heather Parker and 
Jessica Wood pat each other on the back. 

Familiar faces from the past...Mike Duclos, Mike McLaughlin, Natalie McCann, 
Dina Brennan, Krista Koylion, Pat Collins. 


Freshmen 0emi 

June 17, m 

Our first "real" semi-formal was held at 
the Junior High. After a sunny day at 
Mill Pond Tennis Club, the members 
of our freshman class- all burnt to a 
crisp - gathered for a night of music, 
dancing and friends. Thus ended our 
journey through the Junior High. 

Get crazy. 


, Jaime Gill and Kelly Robbins get down on the dance 

Sitting pretty... Meredith Fumarola and 
Tim Wright take a break from dancing. 

Let's party... Heather Dion, Kristen McAuliffe, Tara Brennan, Jane 
Brennan, Amber O'Neil, Mike Duclos, Kevin Kaiser, Jay Trotta and 
Kevin Lang. 

Lookin' good... Matt Skillings, John Harrison, Tim Gleason, 
^ • Preston Lemanski and Derek Barnes wait for their dates. 

" Go Ace"... Silver Lake's best dancer. 
Ace Cooper shows us his moves. 

Taking a breather.. .Elyce Aherne, Jane Brennaii, Heather Dion, Jen 
Traficante, Melissa Piche, Jessica Bradley, Laura O'Keefe, John Hannon, 
and Lauri McNamara. 


The evening began with the re- 
ceiving of our class rings. After 
we Ht up the night with our glow- 
sticks and ate dinner, we cleared 
away the tables and danced up a 
storm. The night was a success, 
except for an exchange of harsh 
words between the DJ and one of 
our fellow classmates. At the end 
of the dance, we all walked away 
with smiles on our faces, and key- 
chains in our hands. 

Waiting to be served... Danielle Kennedy, 
Sheri Buckingham and Stefanie Janhola. 

All good things must come to an end... Lauri McNamara, Tom 
Hill, Karen O'Neill, Brian Buitenhuys, Laurel Nee, Dan Sandberg 
Becki Harris, Kathryn Kennifick, Michelle Madden, Heather 
Driscoll, Pat Collins, and Tanya Dingey. 

Posing with P.J... Scott Kendrick, Chad 
Verry, Brian Buitenhuys and P.J. 

Absolutely Fabulous... Julie Rothhaar, Stacey Fernandes, 
Lauren Klepper, Dina Brennan and Sara Zifcak. 


opening Dana ^eptonbEr h, mt 

"Welcome to the opening dance!" 

Dan Sandberg and Sandy Beaton were 
our M.C.'s 

We're too sexy for this school... Silver Lake seniors show their spirit. 

"I'm strong to 
the finish 
'cause I eat 
my spinach..." 

Our mascot 
made his first 
appearance at 
the rally. 

Give me an "S"... The seniors at the opening pep-rally led the cheer. 

Ouch!.. Peter Hunt shows off his scar 


Rembrandt worked for us...Cara Cronin, John Hannon, Jessica 
Bradley, and Lisa Pierce show off their pearly whites. 

strike a pose... Heather DriscoU, and 
Sara Zifcak tear up the dance floor. 

The gang's all here... Lakers have the spirit. 

Ihe first annual pep rally- 
opening dance was held to 
unveil the new school mascot. 
All classes gathered in the gym 
to celebrate their school spirit. 
At the rally the fall sport teams 
were introduced, and the 
cheerleaders led the Lakers in 
a cheer. After the rally the 
bleachers were pushed back, 
and the dancing began. 

It's electric... Marybeth DeMille, Tara Brennan, and Heather Dion 

Love at first sight... Jessy Henry and 
Peter Sanda share a moment. 

Group hug... Jamie Drew, Jeremy Dutra, John Drew, Laurel Nee, 
Bonnie Oates and Kerryn Donahoe. ^ -i 'I 

■Tlie class of V7 haPmstory to tett.p^ 
^/Is you read this poem, reminisce 
^ ,.^^(/[bout laughter, tecus, friends, foes^ 
^^'^Ind times that you'll definitely mis% 

Our freshman yearVegan in '93. 

jz^i last, big kids, what more could there be? 

In no time at all, tears filled our eyes. 

Chrissy was gone; no one knew why. 

Our first midterms came and went; 

^gifter that, our minds were spent. 

'before we knew it, the end had come, 

^nd we were rewarded with a day in the sim. 

We attended our first Semi-'^ormal, 
%^biesunbunit and red was perfectly noinial 
.•^ ■ Being together felt so right, 
v*-^' ' 'Til '^member" was the song of the night 

We were sophomores now,butfi'eshmen once more 
We were in for a shock that was one thing foi 
Crowded lunchrooms and halls, 
\ 'digger kids all around. 
We'd constantly ask directions, 
'But the pool was never found, tf' 
^t the Sophomore Social, we received our class rings 
" . Tlie light board almost fell over, 

^ndwe were seiTedfood like kings.^U^ 

unior year staned, 
^nd we left our first mark; 
"Wreck and Hpb the Riders 
left all other floats in the dark 
Mr. Silver J^ke was a roaring success; 
Our classmates showed talents 
e never dreamed they possessed. 


J'uiaUy the prom, and we couldn 
%^^er weeks of deciding and clioosui 
Our Queen and JCing were ^randi 
.■ ^^ - ^f^d Skid 'i{pw won the honor of singing 
'Then the seniors left early; 
We were the big kids in the hall 
■i^^r^With something to lookforward 
'• t^!^''^\,^^^^^^ ^^^ returned in the fall. 

In '96 we entered Senior year. 
'Believe it or not it was actually here 
\ We looked at thefi'-esJv^ien; 
: , , We were never that small. 

With our cars we found freedom, 
U/I life beyond Independance Mall. 
S^or the second year in a row. 
Our float was judged bestf 
^^'y:.^k the end of Spirit Week, 
'iiOur class had beaten the rest. 
I Out of all who were nominated, 
tlyce and Matt wore the crown; 
^Ilthough the t)J. was awful, 
We still tore up the town. 
^The 'Prom and Spirit of Boston 
f ^Senior treats - Oh, what fun! 
:§_ were brought close together, 
Our class had become one. 

■.- GilfxmaHnri 't)ayfmallyi^ 

^g'ls we leave Silver JCgke,' 

We're going the distance, whatever it takes,; 

We'll go on to build buildings^ 

"^/riie books, andcw^e cancer. 

Ti hatever the question, 

We'll search for the answer. 

Our stonj 's not over; 

'The plots just begim. 

There 's many more chapters^ 

Before it is done.... 

SandbM-o; [-leather Parker and J\enyn 'Donahoe 



Badiant aniJ^^niiable 

Chrissy Wilkinson 

Not a day goes by when we don't see your 
smiling face in our thoughts. As we venture 
out into the world, know your memory will 
live on in our hearts and will be carried with 
us always. 

We love you and will miss you always and 

Class of 1997 

On the day Chrissy was laid to rest, a 
dragonfly hovered nearby, as if drawn by 
the day's sadness and Chrissy's aura of 
goodness. It symbolizes the beauty and 
fragility of life and reminds us of Chrissy 
in our thoughts and prayers. 



The winners are . . . King Jon Whiting and Queen 
Brandi Kessel who savor the moment in 
the Lantana Carriage after being crowned on that 
magical night. 

nee upon a time, m a 
land called Lantana 
there was the Junior Prom. Car- 
riages arrived one by one; 
merrimakers disembarked to a 
red carpet welcome. Enchanted 
couples danced the night away 
amid shades of blue, purple and 
silver. As the clock struck eleven, 
the prince held her tightly and 
whispered in her ear. 



And the nominees for Prom Queen are . . . 

Brandi Kessel, Jenn Traficante, Jessica Gregory 
Jessica Henry and MaryBeth DeMille. 


I'm too sexy for this dance . . . Dan Sandberg, Ace Cooper, Matt 
Ridge, Jon Whiting and Jason Cardinal were handsome as the 
King's Court. 

Awaiting the start of the dancing, 

Lara, Kevin, Ken, Michelle W., 
Michelle B., Matt, Mike, Karen, 
Matt, and Aroline patiently wait 
for the main course. 

Lisa, Kathryn, 

K'our royal 

oe Lyons, Meg 
■Crueger, Michelle 
Vladden, Jessica Gre- 
gory, Jay DeLappe, 
\ngela Malchionno, 
ef f DeLappe, Bonnie 
Dates, and Pat Furze. 

Black was definitely 

in! Front: Shauna 
Zanolli, Dianne Smith, 
Melissa Henrickson. 
Back: Sarah DeLoach, 
[ulie Franklin, Kristin 

When the music began, Matt Kent and 
Jessica Bradley took to the dance floor. 

This is real class spirit... Mrs. Mutrie's class takes a break from learning. 

Spirit ffleek igga 

Visitors to Silver Lake during 
the week of October 21 would have 
thought they were in a school for 
aliens from outer space. Clothes 
were worn inside out, hair was 
pink, blue, or green, and faces were 
red and gray. Spirit Week had 
landed. Each day classes competed 
against each other to see just who 
had the most school spirit. In the 
end, the seniors came out on top. 

The grey hair attracts the women... 

Pam Reilly, Dennis Carreiro, Melissa 
Mayott and Jen Silvia. 

Monday: Inside/Out 


Tuesday: Crazy Hair 


Wednesday: Class 

Color Day 

Thursday: Red and 

Gray Day 

20 • 

Louder! We can't hear you, seniors! 

Pqj mm 

Even though the pep rally had 
to be held after school. Silver 
Lake students still supported 
their teams with a great repre- 
sentation from each class. Al- 
though our number was less 
than in previous years, our vol- 
ume and enthusiasm were not 

Maybe next year, juniors... Class of '98 has 
a LONG way to go before they're the BEST! 

The sign says it all... The senior class is in 
the house. 

You're still freshmen... Even though they 
are first of the new century, freshmen will 
always only be freshmen. 


October iCi, iqqa 

Ready, Set, Hut... Varsity Football gets ready to 

We're number one in spirit, come on let's hear 
it... MaryBeth DeMille leads the squad in a cheer. 

Fe, Fi, Fo, 

Jason Henry 
tries to look 

Run, Forrest, 
Run... Matt 
Murzyn finds 
an open hole. 

IvjiMik^^S^'H^ ^I II^ V T.iW^KIWr 


Push 'em back, push 'em back, 
way back... Silver Lake players 
take control. 


Boil, boil, toil and trouble... Tara Brennan and Jessica Wood cook up 
a winning float for the senior class. 

Silver Lake mascot tangles the tiger.. 

and captures a winning float. 

What a day for a game... after a week of rain, we had a 
beautiful Homecoming game. 


Dancing Queens. ..Laura 

O'Keefe, Jessica Wood, 
Elyce Aherne, Tara Brennan, 
Carol Edic and Jessica Henry 
danced their way to the 
Homecoming Court. 


It^omccomins Dance 

October 26,iggb 

Even a long, cold wait outside the Junior 
High School couldn't chill the dancing 
that began the minute we took to the 
floor. We honored our King and Queen 
with a dance but quickly realized that 
something was wrong.It was not our 
spirit. We were dancing to Golden Oldies 
which were being played on equipment 
just as old as the songs. Like we always 
do. Silver Lake students made the best of 
a situation and made lasting memories 
even when the music went out... 

The newest addition to the royal family. ..Homecoming King 
Matt Kent and Queen Elyce Aherne. 

The King and his 
royal jesters... John 
Hannon, Matt Kent, 
Steve Harling, Tim 
Gleason, and Dan 
Sandberg. Jon 
Whiting was not 
present but was also 
a nominee. 


Peeping Ed... Stacy Fernandes, Lara Slot, Rachel Souza, Lauren Klepper, Melissa 
Henrickson... oh, and Ed Melucci. 

Cuttin' a rug... Scott Kendrick and Tim Wright 
are getting down. 

Ahh, Isn't love grand... Jamie Drew and 
Jason Cardinal think so. 


Best Friends 

lim Bums k qhris Bolan 

Friendlg Folk 

Jim and Chris always 
find time to kick back, 
relax, and spend time 
with each other. 


l:\Eathcr Parker &- Icrcmji Butra 

©est Friends 

Jjm I\\[\ $r Damn JSrcsslcr 


WANTED: Two individuals with outgoing personalities 
and a friendly smile. FOUND: Heather and Jeremy. 


It is great to know that you will always 
have a friend to lean on. 

JWost Artistic 

Dtrck ^mzs Sr :@ECkii (Qalbcrg 

p:ost Talkatioe 

John ]t\annon Sr (Qarol ^dic 

A picture is worth a thousand words when created 
by Derek or Becky. 

So guys, you've been picked for Most Talkative, 
what would you like to say...? Oh, never mind. 

The tloblt OnEB 

Everyone wants to know - when is the wedding day? 


Ten Bom &- ]KcDin Mc@rath 


Glass IndiDiduals 

^ric 0cio8cia &■ Jessica ©corgc 

They definitely are! 

Qm ^mtm 

Qlass Flirts 

jStcDE It^arling ^ jKerriin BonahoE 

Q: Have you ever seen Kerryn without a 
guy or Steve without a girl? 

A: I didn't think so. 


Glass dlouins 

PJ. ^imcone ^r ;i5ri8ta JKojilion 

Knock, Knock. 

Who's there? 

Class Clowns. 

Class Clowns who? 

P.J. and Krista! 

This is why we weren't voted class clowns. 

;^ost School Spirit 

Dan jganbers &- Jessica Olood 

Who has the most S-P-I-R-I-T. Jessica 
and Dan, obviously! 


JWcrlin'8 l:\Elpro 

^IjiCE ^hcamc Sr John Hlhitlng 

;Most Likelji to ^uccttd 

jEnnu Bjime ^ 3Iex ©ill 

They have beauty and they have brains. 
What more could you ask for? 

Presidential Ballot 2016 

Democrat Jenny Byrne Republican Alex Gill 
Reformist Ross Perot! 

Best 0milc 

]Kcllg P'rinciotta k JWatt perra 

Best Bressd 

Xim ©leason &■ lE^cncE Beicli 

Matt and Kelly have smiles their dentist would be proud of. 

Best tw 

Meghan dantji &■ Tom t\ill 














Tim is sporting an oxford cloth, button-down shirt 
with matching corduroys. 

Renee is modeling a black blazer which compliments 
her plaid dress pants. 

After hours and hours of groom- 
ing... here it is, the Best Hair! 


Hey, who's leading this dance 

;Best Dancers 

t\tQt\\Oi Dion k ^ce (Qooper 

;M[ost athletic 
Kristcn Mcauliffc k Toe Llancs 

0taci ©ardner $r Tared Martin 

Watch out Keith Lockhart, Staci and Jared are 
conducting their way riglit into the Boston Pops. 

Soccer, Cross-country, Basketball, Track and Field, 
Baseball, Tennis... Is there a sport that Kristen or Joe 
doesn't play? { Did we mention they are both OCL champs?) 


JSodak moments 

Where are the fashion police? Matt Skillmgs shows ott his 
new wardrobe. 

Who does your hair..? Meg Krueger has 
a crazy hair day. 

Who's the man..? Jacques Chouinard 
or Kieth Robbbins? 


Drop and give me twenty... Heather Driscoll, AroUne Seibert, Sara 
Zifcak and Lisa Cash show off their bisceps. 

Chris Abshier 

Elyce N. Aherne 

Christopher W. Allen 

"These are the days now that we must savour Thanks Mom, my sisters and Ami. Thanks 
and enjoy as we can. These are the days that especially to my Dad. Good luck '97. 

will last forever." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Stella and Mera. 

Jamie H. Angley 

"Our lives are like the course of the sun. At 
the darkest moment there is the promise of 

Thanks Dad, Gram, & Gin. Love you PJ, Mare, 
Greg, Tom, Bob, & always Shawn. 

Nicholas Anthrop 

"The world meets no one half way." 

Thanks to my family and the low tolerance 

Dustin W. Antle 

"They said it would be tough, and it was. Bui 
now this road has ended. It's finally over, and 
I made it..." 

Thanks Mom & Dad and everyone who's 
helped me. I needed it. 


Brenna J. Audette 

Hope is not a dream, but a means of making 
reams come true." 

hanks to my family, friends, and Erica for 
leir support. 


Derek T. Barnes 

Cheryl Barrows 

"People come into our lives and quickly go, 
some stay for awhile, leave footprints on our 
hearts and we are never ever the same." 

Thank you everyone, good-bye and good 

Sandra M. Beaton 

'Footprints in the sands of time are never 
nade by sitting down." 

rhanks to Mom, Dad, Jacqui and Robbie 
love you. 

Kara Bergeron 

"I always knew 1 would look back at the bad 
times and laugh, but 1 never thought 1 would 
look back at the good times and cry." 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Dale for all your 
support. Matt always and forever. 

Amy E. Bezanson 

"Today's beautiful moments are tomorrow's 
beautiful memories." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Joann, Sheena, Mimi, 
Audra. 1 love you always! 


Paul J. Blaney 

Rainer Borchert 

"Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but it's "Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die 
been a good life all the way." Grenzen meiner Welt." 

"The limits of my language are the limits of 
Thanks to my family. Mom, Dad, Brad and all my world." 
my friends. Good luck '97! 

Thanks to my family, my host-family and all 


Michael Bowen 

Jessica M. Bradley 

Matthew J. Bray 

"So many faces in and out of my life, some 
will last, some will just be now and then. Life 
is a series of hellos and goodbyes..." 

Thanks to my family and friends. Our 
memories will always last. 

"Any dream worth having is a dream worth 
fighting for." 

Thanks to everyone; it was a blast. Good luck 
to all. 



Jeffrey Brems 

Dina M. Brennan 

Jane C. Brennan 

s not whether you get knocked down; it's "I have no regrets. I wouldn't Hve my Hfe the "Think of me, think of me fondly when we've 

lether you get up," 

anks Mom, Dad, Terry and Andy for all of 
ur love. S. L. Football # 58. 

way I am, if I was going to worry about what said goodbye. Remember me once in a while 
people were thinking." please promise me you'll try." 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Julie. Best of luck to 
my friends. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Steve, MaryBeth. 

Tara A. Brennan 

Rebecca L. Brown 

Andrea Bruce 

uture. That period of time in which our 
fairs prosper, our friends are true, and our 
ppiness is assured." 

tanks Mom, Dad, family & friends, 
n- You'll always be in my heart. 

"There are three types of people: they either 
make things happen, watch things happen or 
have no idea what has happened." 

"The world will turn, and the seasons will 
change, and all the lessons we will learn will 
be beautiful and strange." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, B.J. and family. I love you Thank you Mom, Aunty, Uncle, and family 
all. for being there. 


Sheri Buckingham 

Brian D. Buitenhuys 

Lindsay T. Burbine 

"No way of showing your gratitude- So many "God asks no man whether he will accept life. "There's an underestimated, impatient little 

things you don't want to do. What is it? 
What have you got to lose?" 

To my family - 1 love you all. To my friends- 
memories!! "97" 

That is not the choice. You must take it. 
The only choice is how." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Sarah, all my coaches and 
friends. I love you all. 

girl finally raising her hand." 

Jason, 1 will always love you. 
Thanks family and friends. 

Patrick Burke 

James Burns 

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but 
tomorrow is for us to win or lose." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Stephen and Justin. You 
were there for me. 

"But such is the irresistable nature of truth, 
that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty 
of appearing." 

Thanks and love always to Mom and Dad. 


Matthew E. Burton 

Genevieve K. Byrne 

Robert A. Cahill 

The past is but the beginning of a beginning 
nd all that is and has been is but the twilight 
if the dawn." 

'hanks Mom and Dad for all your help. Good 
uck class of '97! 

"Don't let your life pass you by. 
Weep not for the memories." 

Thanks to everyone who's cried, laughed, and 
dreamed with me. 

Rebecca A. Calberg 

"You create your own reality and leave mine 
to me." 

Best of luck everyone! Thanks to friends, 
family, and Andy, I love you. 

Michael J. Callahan 

"There is one thing in life that you need to 
know... There is no such thing as a 
free salad..." 

Thanks to all friends and family. 

Meghan T. Canty 

"I know if there is any chance for us to find 
our happiness, we've got to learn to let it go. 
Forget all the pain we know." 

Mom and Dad thank you for your love and 
support. I love you!! 


Leanne Capeless 

Jason M. Cardinal 

Dennis P. Carreiro 

"Limits were never meant to be barriers that "If one does not fail at times, then he has not 

keep you in, only starting points that suggest challenged himself." 
how much farther you could go out." 

To my family & friends, thanks for all your 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan, SL Soccer, and all my j^ve and support. John, Sandra & Youth 
friends. It's been fun. Group - You're the BEST! Psalms 55;22. 

Lisa M. Cash 

Roger A. Chaffee 

Jacques R. Chouinard 

"Sometimes there is no next time, no second 
chance, no time out. Sometimes.'s now or 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Michelle, and all my 
friends. I'll miss you! 

"The time is gone, the song is over, thought 
I'd something more to say." 


"It is better to construct the future than to 
varnish the past." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan, Tom, Patrice, Kellie, 
Kieth & Matt. 


Melanie A. Clark 

Michael P. Cleary 

Griffin Collins 

In the blink of an eye it all flashed by, but I'll "Try not to become a man of success but 

emember it all with a smile." rather try to become a man of value." 

rhanks to my family and all my friends, I love Thanks Mom, Dad, Jamie and friends, 1 love 

'ou! youj 



Patrick Collins 

Siobhan L. Collins 

Esau Cooper 

rhanks Mom, Dad, Mike and Dan. Good luck "The Force is an energy field created by all 
Vlike, Dina, and Frank. living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us 

& binds the galaxy together." 

I love you Mom, Dad, Ry, Heya, Jenny, Mac & 
Tim. Fly casual. 


Ryan Copeland 

"Our end drifts nearer, 
the moon lifts, 
radiant witfi terror." 

Kerrie M. Corvi 

"Sfiow me a person who has never made 
mistakes and I'll show you somebody who 
has never achieved much." 

James Costa 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all you've done for Mom, Dad, Nikki, John, and my friends - love 
me. I love you. and thanks to you. 

Cara M. Cronin 

"One doesn't recognize in life the really 
important moments - not until it's too late." 

Thanks Mom, Dad and family. To my friends, 
it's been fun. 

Alyssa D. Crudup 

Heather N. Cubi 

"When your childhood has come and gone, "The world is before you and you need not 

you must stop following others and find your take it or leave it as it was before you came 

own path to travel on." in." 

Love to my family & Giz! To my friends - we Thanks to my friends. Mom, Dad, Kipp for 

have our memories! being there. 1 love you. 


Stephen Curley 

"hanks Eric, Brian, Keith,Kory and John. 

Ami L. Curran 

"Though you will meet many people in the 
future, never forget the good times spent 
with friends in the past." 

To my family and friends, thanks for the love 
and support. 

Mark Cwik 

"When I grow up, there will be a day 
when everybody has to do what 1 say." 

Thanks to my parents, sister, brother-in-law 
and friends. 





m '■ J^^l 


H ' • '-/^^^^^L 


■'- * ^r^^^ 



"^^ 1 ^^H 

"■ / 

1 s 


' ^ M '' "i:'^^^ 

.^,^ f^^^ 

^^^^K^ J^^I^^^^H 


Jeffrey S. DeLappe 

'In a place where comfort shouldn't be, 1 
"ound comfort and tranquility. I found 
'riends that mean so much to me." 

Sara R. DeLoach 

"You better start swimmin' or you'll sink like 
a stone. Oh, these times they are a'changin'." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Papa, Joseph, Me, Ryan 
and the rest. I love you. 

Matthew DeLuca 

"Scales and clocks just can't be trusted 
Keys and locks are destined to be busted 
Metaphors were never made for keeping score 
And I'm feeling for the sound of time." 

Thank you Mom, Dan, Gina, Renee 
and Rocky for everything. I love you. 


Mary Beth DeMille 

"This is the time to remember 
'Cause it will not last forever 
These are the days to hold on to 
'Cause they won't although we want to.' 

Jill DeMullis 

"Within our dreams and aspirations we find 
our opportunities." 

Jared Denzler 

To my mom, dad, family and friends, 
thanks for the memories. 

Tanya R. Dingey 

"There are places I'll remember, some forever, 
not for better, some have gone and some 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jill. Best of luck to all 
my friends. 

Joseph Dio 

Heather L. Dion 

"You're on your own, you know what you 
know. And you are the one who'll decide 
where to go." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Melissa, Schaun and 
Kevin. I love you. 


Christopher Dolan 

'Now is what's between where you've been 
ind where you're going." 

rhanks to my Family, Jim, Dave and the rest 
jf the crew! See ya S.L! 

Kerryn M. Donahoe 

Gregory Dow 

"If I were to begin life again, I should want it "Time will someday mean nothing so make 

as it was. I would only open my eyes a little the most of it." 


Thanks to all my friends, mom and dad and 
To my family and friends, thanks, I love you the band, 

and keep in touch! 

Teri A. Dow 

Kerrin M. Dowling 

"When it's time to die, let us not discover that "The prince is never going to come, everyone 
we have never lived." knows that; and maybe Sleeping Beauty is 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Kevin. You're in my 
heart forever. Love you Bonnie, Beth, Carolyn and all my 


Jamie M. Drew 

"Shoot for the moon, even if you fall short 
you'll still be amongst the stars." 

Thanks Mom, Dad & Jim. Friends and S.L. 
Volleyball, I'll miss you. 


John A. Drew 

"But take your time, think a lot, why think of 
everything you've got, for you'll still be here 
tomorrow but your dreams may not." 

Heather M. Driscoll 

"These are the days you'll remember never 
before and never since, 1 promise, will the 
whole world be warm as this." 

Sarah Driscoll 

Thanks: Mom, Dad, Tammy & Jen. Good luck Thanks Mom, Dad, and Sean. Good luck to al 
friends & class of '97. my friends. 


Robert A. Drollett, IV 

"Future. That period of time in which our 
affairs prosper, our friends are true and our 
happiness is assured." 

Thanks to everyone, especially mom & dad. 

Michael W. Duclos 

Thanks Family! To the boys and Heather, 
you're always in my heart! 

Stacy Dupuis 


Jeremy M. Dutra 

Carol P. Edic 

Heath B. Emberg 

We should all be concerned about the future " Don't go in front of me I may not follow. "I can't stand it anymore, sick and tired rather 

scause we will have to spend the rest of our Don't go behind me I might not lead. Just stay be bored, maybe 1 should stay in bed, live in 
ves there." beside me and be my friend." the circle in my head." 

hanks Mom, Dad, Mrs. Donohue & friends, 
[ave Fun Class of '97! 

Love you Mom, Dad, Ken, John. Geno, I love Thanks to those who actually inspired me to 
you always - memories. leave my bed. 

Stephen S. Emerson 

Colleen Estabrook 

Erik Fallon 

I'll take my time anywhere. Free to speak 
"ly mind anywhere. And I'll never mind 
nywhere. Where I lay my head is home." 

hanks ma and dad, family and friends for 

"It's a blond thing. You wouldn't under- 

Thanks to my family and friends. You're the 

"If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing for 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done 
for me. 


Stacy Fernandes 

Adam L. Fest 

John Fiumara 

"My yesterdays walk with me. They keep 
pace. They are the faces of friends that peer 
over my shoulder, reminding me of my past 
and guiding me in the future." 

Thanks to my family, friends especially 
Lauren & Mike. I'll remember you always. 

"Let it all hang out." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Oma, Bub (my best friend) 
and Merri - 1 love you. 

"I'd walk through fire in a gasoline suit just t 
play baseball." 

Thanks everyone. The best thing about goals 
is having them. 

Kristen A. Fortini 

Julie A. Franklin 

George Fraser, IV 

"An opportunity awaits us all, Out in life's 
bitter cold. Though the path of life is narrow. 
It leads to streets of gold." 

Thanks Mom and Dad, friends, family, and 
Adam - I love you. 

"Happiness lies in the joys of the achieve- 
ment and the thrill of creative effort." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Chris; I couldn't have 
done it without you. 


jftt-j- -mmiimsmK^ 

Michael Freitas 

Matthew Fulton 

Meredith A. Fumarola 

he beautiful thing about learning is nobody "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for 
1 take it away from you." thereby some have entertained angels 

anks Mom, Dad, Dan, and all my friends, 
od luck '97. You'll never be forgotten. With love my parents, Michelle, and those 

true friends. 

"May I be wrong; For whenever I make a 
mistake - I learn. Which is to say that I am a 
better person today than I was yesterday." 

Mom, I love you. Jamie- my strength. Austin, 
I'll love & admire you always. 

Patrick J. Furze 

Christopher S. Gale 

Staci N. Gardner 

he only place where success comes before 
)rk is in the dictionary." 

anks to my family and my friends. It's been 

"I am neither the sum of my ancestors, nor the 
foreshadow of my descendants. I am the 
personification of my spirit." 

Thanks all who had a part in this. There are 
too many names to record. 

"Too many times we stand aside and let the 
waters slip away. What we put off till 
tomorrow has now become today." 

Thanks to all my friends and family. Glenn, I 
love you. 


Adrianne L. Garsh 

Errol Gaudette 

"At any moment something wonderful could "A penny for your thoughts, a twenty to act 
happen." them out." 

Jessica A. George 

Thanks to my family & friends for all your 
love and support! 

Thanks to those few who believed in me. 

David Gettemy 

Christine Gilcoine 

Alexander Gill 

"The fastest way to succeed is to look as if 
you're playing by other people's rules while 
quietly playing by your own." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan and Tricia! Family 
and friends, I Love You! 

"If one advances confidently in the direction 
of his dreams and endeavors to live the life 
which he has imagined, he will meet with a 
success unexpected in common hours." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Zach & everyone for 
helping me along the way. 


Jaime E. Gill 

It's difficult to say what is impossible, for the 
ream of yesterday is the hope of today and 
le reality of tomorrow." 

hanks to my family, Mike and Kelly. 1 love 
Du all. 

Timothy R. Gleason 

"1 never think of the future; it will come soon 
enough. Trust the future to answer itself." 

Thanks to my family and friends. 1 will love 
and cherish you always. 

Robert Glover 

"You get only out of life what you put in." 

Thank you Mom, Dave, Chris, Gerard, 
Melissa and all of my family for helping me. 

Nicole Godinho 

Make the most of memories; they're the best 
'ossession you've got. Just be sure you make 
appy memories, for they never can be 

4uch love to my family and friends. I love 
■ou all. Class of '97. 

Allison J. Goldie 

"Attain the unattainable." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Paul, Family and Friends. 
Love You. 

Breirdan Gough 

"Our thoughts are epochs in our lives; all else 
is but as a journal of the winds that blow 
while we are here." 

Thanks to Mom, Tom, Kathleen, Edward, 
Bjorn, Oma and UUs. 


Andrea L. Govoni 

Kellie Grahn 

Jessica E. Gregory 

. if so much of me lies in your eyes . . ." 

"Dreams are almost always taller than you are "We cannot foretell what will come of life. 

. . . that way you have to reach to make them We do not know where we are going. For us 

come true." it is enough that we are on our way." Thanks to everyone who cares - 1 love you. 

All my love to my mom, nana, brother, sisters. Thanks to my family, friends, and Jeremy. I'll 

and friends. never forget you. 

Jared Grupillion 

"Nothing great was ever achieved without 

Thanks to all my friends and famOy. 

Stephen Hackett 


Andrew Haddock 

Kimberly Hadley 

Sean Haggerty 

Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that 
top you. You don't bet, you can't win." 

'hanks to my parents who never stopped 
ncouraging me. 

"One seed can start a garden. One drop can 
start a sea. One doubt can start a hating. One 
dream can set me free." 

Thank you Dad, Mom, Stephen, family and 
friends. With love. 

Michelle Hallahan 

Casandra Handorf f 

John H. Hannon 

'They gave each other a smile with a future in Mom, dad, Shawn, all my family and friends, 
t." thank you. I love you. 

ro everyone who was there for me - my 
hanks. I love you all. 

"Life is a highway; 1 wanna ride all night 
long. If you're going my way, 1 wanna ride 
all night long. 

Thanks a lot mom, dad, Jimmy & all my 
friends. It's been fun. 


Craig E. Hansen, Jr. 

" We are one as we are the same, fighting for 
one cause, protecting who we are." 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Tine. Without you I 
would be nothing. 

Stephen P. Harling 

'T reminisce so you never forget this, the days 
of way back. Deja Vu, tell you what I'm gonna 
do when we reminisce over you..." 

Thanks Mamma, Dad, Sarah and all my 
Mates. I love you all... 

Geoffrey Harper 

Katelyn Harrigan 

"The key to immortality is first living a life 
worth remembering." 

Thanks to my family and to my friends for 
endless support. 

Rebecca R. Harris 

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the 
good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." 

Thanks family and friends. 1 love you always 
and forever. 

John Harrison 


Joshua M. Hatch 

iven though we are gone, we still got love 
ir those my brothers. Just rest your soul and 
will see you at the crossroads." 

hanks Mom, Dad, Adam. To my crew - true 
lUgs until the end. Down for whatever. 

Joy A. Haugh 

"Remaining friends remind me as they say, 
It's up to you the things you throw away." 

To my family and friends I love you. Good 
luck class of '97. 

Alicia A. Heidke 

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and 
love. But the greatest of these is love." 

Thanks to my family, friends, and Tim for 
being there when it was tough. 1 love you all. 

Holly M. Hendrix 

Melissa L. Henrickson 

Jason Henry 

'n life 1 would rather regret something I did, 
lan something I didn't do." 

my family and friends thank you so much. 

"The longest journey is the journey inwards of 
him who has chosen his destiny." 

Thanks, love, and best of luck to all my 


Jessica J. Henry 

"It's all good." 

Thanks family and friends. Memories last 
forever, smile. 

Christopher Hession 

"I can not change yesterday, I can only 
make the most of today, and look with 
hope towards tomorrow." 

To my family - thank you. Class of 97 - 
good luck to all of you. 

Ellen K. Hickey 

"I pass this way but once; any good I do, the 
kindness I show, let me do it now, for I shall 
never pass this way again." 

Thanks Mom, Phil, Dad, Cindy, Adam, Mike, 
Margie. I love you. 

Lisa C. Hill 

"Do not follow where the path leads, rather 
go where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Love to my family. Mom, you're the best. 
Dawn, Mark - 1 love you. 

Thomas Q. Hill 

"High school?" 

David Hillery 

"We can't become what we need to be by 
remaining what we are." 

Thanks to all of my family and friends for 
being there for me all these years. 


Kristan M. Howie 

Herbert Howland 

Dorian J, Hunt 

'Just when I believed I couldn't ever want for 
nore, this ever changing world pushes me 
hrough another door..." 

vlom. Dad, Staph, Todd, friends - 1 love and 
hank you. January 1994... 

"I was at the salad bar eating croutons and the 
manager comes up to me and says, 'Federal 
law prohibits sampling,' and I said, 'This is 
gluttony, not sampling.'" 

Thanks to God and my parents. 

Peter Hunt 

Dawn M. Hurrie 

Donald R. Hutciiings 

"God does not judge us on our awards, 
diplomas, or achievements, but on our scars." 

Thanks to my family and friends for the good 

"Memories of yesterday and dreams of 
tomorrow make us who we are today." 

"Take what you want to succeed, although 
some may have tricks up their sleeves. Keep 
your mind open & relieve your stress." 

No one from my crew will I forget, who was 
down for whatever. 


Melissa S. Hynes 

Andrew Ikasalo 

' The most wasted of all days is that in which "Congress shall make no law. ..abridging the 

we have not laughed.' 

freedom of speech.' 

Thanks mom, dad, Lori, Greg. Good luck to 
all my friends. 

To my family, friends, Jamie & PJ - thanks for 
putting up with me. 

Scott Irish 

Brian James 

Stefanie Janhola 

"You say you want to change our minds, I've "Man made the money; money never made 
paid for your belief with mine." the man." 

"We may not know what the future holds, but 
we know who holds the future." 

Thanks Mom and Dad. You've guided me 
through all the years! Thanks "Skels." 

Thanks mom and dad. I told you I'd make it. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Kris, Kerry, Pat, and 
Chris. We made it. 



Steven M. Johnson 

Vour friendship is a fog that disappears 
'hen the wind redirects you. Yes, you." 

lom, Dad, Miss, Chris - I loved making you 
roud of me. Thanks. 

Kimberly Jones 

"Life is a journey, not a destination." 

Thanks to my family and friends; I love you. 
Good luck '97. 

Christopher Joy 

"I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you'll 
never change..." 

Thanks to my family, friends, and for all the 
memories. Good-bye Silver Lake. 

Kevin Kaiser 

Scott Kendrick 

Matthew R. Kenerson 

You're perfect, yes, it's true, but without me "As you look towards the future for answers, 
'ou're only you." glance back to the past for the memories." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Jock, and the rest of the 
Metal Fabrication Gang. 

rhanks Mom, Dad, Andrea, and all my 

Thanks to all for the love, support, and 
memories. All will be remembered. 


Danielle M. Kennedy 

Kathryn M. Kennefick 

Matt Kent 

"We finished today; it's all done. Our 
memories last a lifetime; this is another one!' 

Thanks to my family and close friends for 
support over the years. 

"You have to color outside the lines once in a "You got to trust your instincts and let go of 

while if you want to make your life a regret, you got to bet on yourself now star, 

masterpiece." 'cause that's your best bet." 

Thanks to my family and friends. Daddy, my Thanks to my family and the CREW. It's been 

guardian angel, 1 love you. real!!! 

Kristin N. Kerrigan 

Brandi L. Kessel 

"You search for a place you know, a familiar "So close no matter how far couldn't be much 

face, a place to go. If you look inside you will more from the heart, forever trusting who we 

find, you're halfway there." are, and nothing else matters." 

Thanks family and friends. Dom, Ang, Mom, I Thanks to my family and friends. I love you - 

love you all. Will you be my angel? 

Joseph A. King 

"Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile." 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, and Jeni 
I love you always. 


Lauren J. Klepper 

Katherine L. Koen 

Krista Koylion 

When I feel myself fading, I close my eyes 
nd realize that my friends are my energy." 

"To thyne own self be true and thou cannot be 
false to anybody else." 

hanks to my family and all my friends, 
specially Stacy. 

Thanks to family and friends, to Jen and the 
theater of my life. 

Dawn Kressler 

'Sometime in the future I will see you again; 
'11 think of all the things we've shared and 
low I loved you then." 

^ove to my family. Lisa, Billy - thanks for 
everything - Love You. 

Margaret F. Krueger 

"Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what 
you've been up to." 

Thanks mom and dad. I love you! Kristie and 
friends, it's been real. 

Kristin A. Kuja 

"It's not enough to learn the truth unless I 
also learn to live it. It's not enough to reach 
for love unless I care enough to give it." 

Thanks mom, dad, family and friends for 
everything. I love you all. 


Brian Lakota 

Brian Lang 

"One who doesn't care is one who shouldn't 
be. I've tried to hide myself from what is 
wrong for me for me." 

Thanks Mom and Dad. Delano and Leebo 
rock on. I love you Mel. 

Kevin Lang 

"This is the time to remember, cause it will 
not last forever. These are the days to hold on 
to, cause we won't although we want to. This 
is the time, but time is gonna change." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, family + friends! Good 
luck class of "97". 

c ^ 

Christopher Lauzon 




1 ^^^pB 





Melissa LaVigne 

"Daddy has left. Leaving just a memory. A 
photo in the family album. Dad, what did you 
leave for me? You left me everything!" 

Thanks Mom, Nicole and Family. Jeff I love 
you. Good Luck 97! 

Danielle Lawrence 


Preston A. Lemanski 

Guy R. Lewis, Jr. 

Do you know what they call a quarter- "If you're going to climb, you've got to grab 

lounder with cheese in Paris?" -Vincent Vega the branches not the blossoms." 

'hanks to my family and friends, 
^mber, together forever. 1-4-3. 

Heather L. Lewis 

"It's better to keep your mouth shut and let 
them think you're a fool, than to open your 
mouth and leave no doubt about it." 

Thanks Mom, Steph, Arby, Cheryl, Alan for 
all your encouragment. I love you all. 

Matthew D. Linde 

Joseph Llanes 

"Continuous effort— not strength or intelli- 
gence—is the key to unlocking our potential." 

Thanks mom, dad, friends, family and Emily 
for everything. 

Steven Lockwood 


Thanks to mom and dad for all your support 
and help through the years. 


Michael W. Lodge-Paolini 

"Big mouths do not advertise big brains." 

Thanks family and friends for your support. 
Thanks for watching over me. I love and miss 
you, dad. 

Jeffrey Loiselle 

Dawn M. Looby 

"If you think you can or can't, you're 
probably right." 

Thanks Ma, Dad and Kev for your support. 
Love you guys! 

John Lunetta 

Michael MacDonald 

Scott MacLean 

"Do you think the answer exists in a school- 
book, in a rule book, in a teacher's words? 
Rewrite the dream." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, family and friends. 

"Take these chances, place them in a box until 
a quieter time." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Al, JJ and all my friends. 


Carolyne MacLellan 

A?hen you wish upon a star, makes no 
fference who you are, anything your heart 
;sires will come to you." 

tanks to all who have helped along the way- 
[nily & friends! 

Eric J MacLeod 

"Time is the fire in which we burn." 

Ponder this thought and enjoy. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kelly. 

Denise M. MacPherson 

"The events of our lives happen in a 
sequence of time, but their significance to 
ourselves find their own order." 

To my family, friends & Derek, I love you. 
Thanks for believing in me. 

Jody MacPherson 

/lemories may be beautiful and yet what is 
o simple to remember we simply choose to 

om. Dad thanks for everything. Matt, I love 
)u with all my heart. 

Michelle A. Madden 

"Friendships, like love, last a lifetime." 

Thank Mom, Dad, Scott, Kel, Nan, Dix, Pap, 
Jod, Matt. I love you. 

Angela M. Malchionno 

"Good friends we've had; good friends we've 
lost along the way. In this great future you 
can't forget your past, so dry your tears I 

Thanks to my parents. Jun - thanks. 


Michael Malone 

Laetitia Manuka 

Mark Marchand 

"It's a typical situation, in these typical 
times... Too many choices." 

Thanks mom, dad, my brothers and all my 
friends; you rule. 

Thanks to family for support; to friends for 
the memories. 

Robert J. Mari 

Jared D. Martin 

Scott A. Martin 

"Moving right along foot loose and fancy free, 
I'm ready for the big time. Is it ready for me?" 

Thanks Mom, Mike, Tammy, Angle, Ryan, 
and friends for it all. 


Joseph V. Mason 

Jennifer A. Masscotte 

Melissa D. Mayott 

" For every Gandhi, Nader, or Thoreau, there "We must resemble each other a httle in order "It's a good hfe if you make the most of the 

are a hundred thousand Nixons." 

Thanks to my friends and family for all the 

to understand each other, but we must be a 
little different to love each other." 

Love and thanks to family and friends. 

best and the least of the worst." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Mikey, Jamie, family. I 
love you Mike. 

Kristen McAuIiff e 

"Never let any mistake cause you to stop 
believing in yourself. Learn from it and go 

Thanks Mom, Dad, John, and Steve. 

Natalie McCann 

"As you look back on your life, moments 
when you have lived are moments when you 
have done things in the spirit of love." 

Thanks to all who have loved me and 
supported my decisions. 

Michael H, McCarthy 


Tiffany R. McCarthy 

"A child is born with a heart of gold, way of 
the world makes his heart turn cold." 

Thanks to my parents, family, friends, 
teachers, Rob & Max. 

Noah J. McDaniel 

Ryan McGrale 

"Learn to love it; it's the best thing going.' 

Thanks Mom, Dad, my boys, Baywatch, 
Snooky and ladies. 

Kevin McGrath 

Thomas J. McGuinness, III 

"Rip away tears. Drink a hope to happy years, 
you may find a life time's passed you by." 

Thanks family, class of 96 & 97. 

Kathryn A. McKinnon 

"It's better to regret what you have done, 
rather than what you haven't." 

To Mr. Sorrento and my freaks, you made all 
the difference. 


Michael L. McLaughlin 

Lauri McNamara 


:^^J "^"^ 

wBE j*P 



^^^^^^^P^^ * % 

Bonnie M. Meada 

" I don't pretend to know all the answers. I 
don't even pretend to know the questions. 
Hey, wait - where am I?" 

"We stood a moment so in a strange world. 
Myself as one his own pretense deceives; and 
then I said the truth and we moved on." 

"The world isn't always a great place and life 
isn't always fun. But, kids, just hang on; you 
won't regret it in the long run." 

Thanks Mom. To my friends - we made it, 
thanks and good luck! 

Thanks Mom and Keri. 1 love you both. To 
friends - Good Luck '97. 

Thanks mom, dad, and all my friends; you 
know who you are. Love you always. 

Kelly Melanson 

Edward M. Melucci 

Jamie M. Miller 

"It's astonishing in this world how things "They would not find me changed from him 

don't come out at all the way you expect them they knew - only more sure of all I thought 
to." was true." 

Thanks Mom + Dad, Ashley, Lisa, Paul and 

Thanks to my parents. Hello to my friends - 
do well in college. 

"How do I say goodbye to what we had, the 
goodtimes that made us laugh. I take with me 
the memories to be my sunshine." 

Thanks Ma, Dad, Carl, Sean, Melisa, Manny. I 
Love You More. 


Lydia Mitchell 

"Great knowledge sees all in one. Small 
knowledge breaks down into the many." 

To each and every family member, friend and 
teacher - 1 thank you. 

Kevin M. Moberg 

"Life is a journey, not a destination." 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Mr. Greland for 
this year. 

Karina Mollica 

"Life is like an open road; you're free to 
dream and to discover a new world." 

Thanks to my TRUE friends, my family and 
MOM- YOU'RE #1. I love you. 


Kathleen Mori 

Michael J. Morrissey 

Dennis W. Morway 

"Rivers of endless tides have passed beneath "Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be "The place I'd like to go, when I get there then 

my feet and all too soon had me standing on done! There are points to be scored, there are I'll know. The place I know you've been, it's a 

my own." games to be won." wagon, get on in..." 

Thanks family and the Duxbury Crew. I Love Thanks mom, dad, family and friends. Your Thanks to All... 

You Ian. support and care made the difference. 


Kate Mullen 

Thomas P. Murphy, Jr. 

Matthew Murzyn 

Rosa M. Napoli 

"I will remember you. Will you remember 
me? Don't let your life pass you by; wait not 
for the memories. Remember the good times 
that we had!" 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Lucia, Liza, Joe, Becca, 
Cara, Andrea, and Kerri. 

Gregory Nee 

Laurel C. Nee 

"It's hard to say from where you stand exactly 
where it all began, but someplace there's a 
point you cross the line and know it's time to 
leave this place behind." 

Thank you Mom, Dad and Adam, and good 
luck to all my friends. 



av v. 

Stacey L. Nista 

Frank A. Nogueira 

Bonnie Oates 

"When your childhood has come and gone, "Your anger is a gift.. .that helps you through 

you must stop following others and find your hard times and gives you drive to move on." 
own path to travel on." 

Thanks to family and friends for all you've 
Love to my family and friends, Liz, Jake. Good done. 
Luck '97. 

"Friends come and go, but the memories last 

Thanks Mom, Daddy, Allie, Nonie, Laurel, 
Shell, and all my friends. 

Laura T. O'Keefe 

Michael F. O'Meara 

Amber O'Neil 

"Now we have come to the end of this road, 
live each moment of your life as if it were the 
first and the last." 

Thanks Mom, Matt, Ebeth, Sully & friends! 
Memories are forever. 

"What's running through my mind comes 
through in my walk, true feelings are shown 
from the way that 1 talk." 

Thanks to all who made me laugh. Best of 
luck to my crew. 

"You and me are my old friends hoping 
things would never end, NEVER SAY 

Thanks family & friends - love you! Pres - 
forever in my heart & mind! 


Karen A. O'Neill 

Heather M. Parker 

Andrea E. Patts 

" Our prayers make the bright stars glow, our "You've been here only a short while. Don't 
wishes make them gleam, but the only way to hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the 
grant them true is to act upon each dream." flowers along the way." 

Loving thank to Mum, Dad, Sean & Mike. 
Josh, someday always comes. 1 love you. 

Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Jay and 
"Peter." 1 love you. 

KarrieAnne M. Pearson 

"Now we've made it into the real world." 

Thanks Mom & Dad, Bob, Abby, Steph, Rob, 
Mary, Ms. G. for all your help and support. 

Daniel Peloquin 

Corey Fento 

"Many of life's failures are men that didn't 
realize how close they were to success when 
they gave up!" 

Thanks everyone. See you Silver Lake. Had a 


Collette L. Perkins 

Matthew C. Perry 

Melissa A. Piche 

"Challenges can be stepping stones or 
stumbling blocks; it's just a matter of how you 
view them." 

Thank you Mom, I love you! 

" Those people who tell you not to take 
chances, they are all missing on what life is 
about. You only live once so take hold of the 
chance; don't end up like others the same 
song and dance." 

Thanks mom and dad, I love you. 

"Do you know you're my hero? Everything 
I'd like to be. I'd fly higher than an eagle if 
you are the wind beneath my wings." 

Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. I love 
you Eric! 

Lisa J. Pierce 

Marc D. Pierce 

Edward D. Place 

"Don't it make you sad to know life is more 
than who we are... we grew up too fast and 
now there's nothing to believe..." 

To my family and friends thanks for the 
memories, I love you all. 

"Suspended deep in a sea of black, I've got 
the light at the end, I've got the bones on the 

Thanks Mom & Dad. Good luck to carp-crew 

"The trouble with the future is that it arrives 
before we're ready for it." 

Thanks nana, grampa, dad, couldn't have 
done it without you, Steven you can do it. 


Heather M. Porter 

'The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant 
next to the power of the Force. So use the 
Force and fly casual." 

Luck and love to Mom, Mavon, Tim, Cara, 
Vlarie, Mac & Jared. 


Kelly Princiotta 

Melanie Priola 

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for 1 have seen 
yesterday and today!" 

Nat thanks for being there, friends and family 

Sarah Provonche 

Andrea M. Quinn 

"What does the Lord require of thee, but to do "Life's a tale that can't be told. My freedom 1 
justly, and love kindness, and to walk humbly hold dear. How years ago and days of old 
with thy God?" Micah 6:8 magic filled the air." 

Thanks to my family, friends, and teachers 
who made me grow. 

Love you Mom, Eileen and Ricky. Friends, 
memories are forever! 

Denise Rash 

"Creative minds have always been known to 
survive any kind of bad training." 

Thank you to all my friends. I love you Pete. 


Kevin J. Reggio 

"Time to turn the page to a brand new 
chapter. Setting my sights and you know 
what I'm after..." 

Thanks family. Thanks to my friends, you 
know who you are. 

Renee M. Reich 

Nicole Reynolds 

"Our lives are but a journey filled with paths "All good things must come to an end, and 
we will take our joy, found in love we give when they do, they are memories. With every 

and friendships that we make." ending there's a new beginning." 

Mom & Dad thanks for everything. 
Andres + Candy I love you all! 

Thanks to everyone for their support. I love 
you all! 

Angelina Ricciarelli 

"Your mind will take you far. The rest is just 
pure heart. You'll find your fate is all your 
own creation." 

Matthew Ridge 

"Hey, ho away we go were on the road to 
never. Where life's a joy for girls and boys 
and only will get better." 

Pamela Riley 

Thanks mom, family, friends. Matt, thanks for Thanks Mom, Dad, Family, Friends. Crissy, 
the memories. you're the best! Good Luck 97. 


Jason Robbins 

Kelly Robbins 

Kieth Robbins 

"Remember all the good times that we've had. 
Don't let them slip away from you with things 
gone bad." 

To my family, Jamie, and friends thanks. I will 
remember you. 

Leah Rodrigue 

Jared J. Rood 

Keith Rooney 

Too much of a good thing can be wonder- 
ul." -Mae West 

-ove and joy to my friends and family. Matt 
nd Leah 10/19/93. 

Thanks Mom, Grandma, &: Grandpa for all 
you've done. Ryan, Dennis, Jared- Good Luck. 

"Apathy their stepping stone 

So unfeeling 

Hidden deep animosity 

So deceiving." 

Eric, Steve, Brian, Lori. It's been real and fun. 


Kory Rooney 

.^ ji^ J^„_ 

David Rothhaar 

"If one lives their life on what it's, they will 
always find themselves being left out and 

Julie E. Rothhaar 

"Seeing is believing. But for a lovelier view, 
believe before you see, for that's how dreams 
come true." 

Thanks Mom,Dad,Ed,Shelly and the Gang. 
Chris, Jim, Friends GOOD LUCK!! 

Thanks to Mom, Ed, family and friends - gooc 

Sarah J. Rowbottom 

"Often the best thing about not saying 
anything is that it can not be repeated." 

Thanks dad, mom, family and friends. 
Meranda I love you. 

Jeremy C. Rowe 

"If you listen very hard the truth will come to 
you at last and your dreams will turn to 

Thanks to my family and friends. 

Corey Russell 


Rebecca A. Ryerson 

I am wealthy in my friends." 

'hanks &c love to all but especially Mom, Dad 
z Steve. Viva La Marching Band! 

Peter G. Sanda 

"Life ain't nothing but a good groove, a good 
mixed tape to put you in the right mood." 

Thanks to my family. Also thanks to the 
whole crew. all know who you are. 

Daniel S. Sandberg 

"I broke my heart for every gain to taste the 
sweet I faced the pain; now all of my dreams 
are a heart beat away and the answers are all 
up to me." 

Thanks to the family - 1 love you guys. To my 
friends - I'll never forget the memories. 

Marie F. Sanford 

'riends and colorguard forever. Love to Mom, 
Dan, 86, Ren and Stimpy. 

Christopher D. Saucier 

"You must conquer yourself before you can 
conquer the rest of the world." 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Meredith. I'll love you 
forever Stef. 

Eric Scioscia 

"When a man lies, he murders a small part of 
his world. These are the pale deaths by which 
men miscall their lives." 

Thanks Mom & Dad, Brian, Jon, Scott, Steve, 
Ibby, Keith & Kory. 


Daniel L. Scott 

"We are the thunder in the storm that brings 
the winds of change. Together we can 
overcome and start a brand new day." 

Kimberly A. Seckinger 

"Here's to your future memories from the 
past, may each new day be happier better 
than the last." 

Aroline E. Seibert 

"The wind is my refuge, the opposite shore 
my support. Who hes down when the wind is 
fair must row when the wind is against him." 

Thanks-Fam, Friends- Good Luck Jules you're Thanks Mom, Dad, Billy and family. To all my Thank you mom, dad, Karl, Coach, all my 
the best - Dreams? friends I love you. teachers, and friends. 

Kerry A. Shea 

Jennifer M. Silvia 

"Maturity is a high price to pay for growing 

"Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles 


"The only rose without a thorn is friendship.' 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Erin, and all my friends, I 
could never had done it without you. Mom thanks for standing by me. Becca and 

War you'll make it. 

Paul J. Simeone 

"Every exit is an entry somewhere else." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Adam, Matt and the rest 
of my family and friends. 


Matthew R. Skillings 

Lara J. Slot 

I picture things a certain way then go back "It takes both rain and sunshine to make a 

them another day, or is it all something rainbow." 


Thanks to all those 1 love; Kevin, always and 
'hanks to my family and friends! Barbara I'll forever, 
lever forget you! 

Dianne M. Smith 

"Day after day I will walk and I will play, but 
the day after today I will stop. ..and I will 

Thanks mom and dad, I love you. Good luck 
to all my friends. 

■im- «f- 


Gregory Smith 

Shannon Smith 

Anthony L. Snowdale 

"Tides in episode often reach us too late. First, "When one door of happiness closes, another "My friends are distressed; I feed the question 
anwilling. Last, untiming. But until we opens; but often we look so long at the closed of your lonehness. I'll be on your side; you 

progress, a tide remains a paradox observed." door that we do not see the one that has been know I will. ..I love all of you..." 

opened for us." 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave and Melissa. Long 
live the tagger! Thanks to my family and friends. I love you! 


Maria Sorrento 

Rachel Souza 

Sarah Steeves 

"Time is a train. Makes the future the past. 
Leaves you standing at the station, your face 
pressed against the glass." 

Mom, Dad, Mat, Dan, friends- Always there 
through good and bad. 

"If you've built castles in the air, your work 
need not be lost, that is where they should be. 
Now put the foundations under them." 

Good luck to everyone, especially those 1 love. 

Thanks mom and dad for your love and 

Kristen Strug 

Joshua J. Swain 

Thanks mom and dad for your love and 

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and 1 "Life unfolds on a great sheet called Time, 
feel fine." and once finished it is gone forever." 

Love to my family and friends, we had great 
times togther. 


Krzysztof Szablowski 

" Skladam podzekowania dla was za wasza 
pomoc i podtrzymywanie na duchu." 
r give my gratitude to you for your help and 

rhanks to my Parents, Host Family and 
American friends. 

Michael Tassinari 


John K. Terranova 

"Come into my world and you can see that we 
are more than thugs cause these are the days 
of our lives." 

Thanks mom and my crew. 

Lisa J. Terranova 

"Champagne Supernova..." 

Hanging at Al's with the crew. Allen 2/2/96, 
miss you! 

Adam W. Therrien 

"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction." 

Thank you Mom, Tara, the rest of my family 
and friends... 

Lisa Tighe 


Daniel E. Toland 

Christina M. Topete 

Travis Townsend 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and John for all the 
support you gave me. I wouldn't be here 
without you. 

"No endeavor that's worthwhile is simple in 
prospect; if it is right, it'll be simple in 

Thanks mom, dad, and friends, for every joy- 
filled moment. 

Jennifer A. Traficante 

Charles J. Trapp, Jr. 

Jacob L. Tribou 

"Many moons come and go but still there is "Life is short and there's no time for fussing 

that day where they again will come together and fighting my friend." 
for all to see their eclipse." 

Thank you to everybody who has ever meant 
Thanks Mom,Dad, Lisa, Dave and Brad. something to me. 

Memories last forever. 

















,..i... i 

Jason R. Trotta 

Timothy A. Troup 

Jennifer B. Troville 

" ...Over the years, I've grown and changed so "I'm walking down the hne of hfe, crossing "It is better to ask some of the question than 

much, things I know now, years ago I 
couldn't touch..." 

I'd hke to thank Mom, Dad, Jess, Reg, my 
pals, and the Lord. 

bridges and fields, and touching all the bases to know all the answers." 
after the 'clink'." 

Thanks mom and dad for all your love and 
Thanks to all my family and friends. dedication. 

Bonnie van Gerven 

"I don't want to change the world, I don't 
want the world to change me." 

Sorrento, you're the best. My crazy babies, 1 
love you all. 

David C. Varitimos 

Christopher J. Veracka 

"So close no matter how far, couldn't be much "You have brains in your head. You have feet 
more from the heart, forever trusting who we in your shoes. You steer yourself any 
are, and nothing else matters." direction you choose." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, John for all of your love 
and support. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Tammy for always being 
there. Love you all. 


Chad E. Verry 

"Free Willy!" 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Felicia, Grandmother, 
Grandfather, and to all my friends- What's 
up! Good luck Class of "97". 

Kevin M. Virta 

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin 
with a single step." 

Lara, you will forever hold a piece of my 

Kristin M. Wainwright 

"The longest journey starts with a single 

Thanks to my friends and family for always 
being there for me. 



'^^^p^' ^ 

















Torrey Wallis 

Michelle Walmsley 

Michael T. Warner 

"Where I was born and how 1 lived is 
unimportant. It's what 1 have done with 
where I have been that should be of interest." 

Family, friends, Darche, love you. Thanks so 


Jennifer A. Warwick 

" Does it worry you to be alone? Are you sad 
because you're on your own? No, I get by 
with a little help from my friends." 

Thanks, Love you Mom, Dad, Matt, Jim, 
Carol, and all my friends. 

Kerry M. Watson 

"No one can predict to what heights you can 
soar. Even you will not know until you spread 
your wings!" 

To friends, miss you; to coaches, thank you; 
and to family, love you. 

Jon W. Whiting 

"A Man's Best Friend Is A Woman." 

Thanks for everything: Mom, Dad, Petey, 
Scott, Jana. Later. 

Brian P. Wiencko 

"Life is full of changes and challenges, 
somehow we have survived them all, but the 
most important ones have yet to come." 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Jill, and Staci for always 
supporting whatever I do. I love you. 

Edward Wood 

Jessica L. Wood 

"Life is all memory, except for the one present 
moment that goes by you so quickly you 
hardly catch it going." 

Mom, Dads, Brian, Jon & Friends thanks for 
always being there. 


Melissa Woodbury 

Matthew Woods 

Tina Woodworth 

"Everything is funny as long as it's happening 
to someone else." 

Thanks to Mom and Dad and all of my 

Christine Wright 

"Keep reaching for the stars and someday 
take your place in the sky." 

Richard Wright 

Timothy E. Wright 

I would like to thank my parents for all their "Whoever said that 'It doesn't matter whethe: 

support. I couldn't have done it without them. you win or lose', probably lost." 

I'll never forget last summer, you all mean so 
much to me. 

Thanks to mom, dad, Sara and Jeff. Dee, Davi 
and friends, rock on! 


Mathew Yahoub 

Brian D. Yeaton 

Shauna ZanoUi 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Brenda, Rick, Mike, 
Steve, Al, & Perry. Heather I'll love you 

"Friend near death gain respect 
Sympathetic Intellect 
Choices are for one and all 
All we are is leaves that fall." 

Thanks to Mom, Dad and all my friends. It 
was a good time. 

"I know we're headed somewhere. I can see 
how far we've come .Yet I can't remember 
everything. But I remember having fun." 

Thanks family & friends for everything. I love 
you all! 

Sara F. Zifcak 

"Friendship is never established as an 
understood relation. It is an exercise of the 
purest imagination and of the rarest faith." 

Thank you mom, dad, family and friends for 
all your love and friendship. 

Camera Shy 

Nicholas Cullivan 

Justin Egan 

Jason Giles 

Kevin Hallahan 

Jerry Henderson 

George Noyes 

Jason Parks 

Matthew Patts 

Christopher Priola 

Joshua Reid 

Charles Slavin 


Senior Class Officers: (clockwise from top) Jessica Wood - President, 
Heatiier Parker - Historian, Tara Brennan - Secretary, Tim Gleason - 
Vice-President, Jessica Henry - Treasurer. 

Xgoking back on our high school years, each one of us has 
n2en2ories which linger in his or her niincl. ^s freshmen, we 
went to Mill 'Pond for a clay filled with sun, \Polleyball, and 
swimming. In tenth grade, there was the Sophomore Social. 
Junior year was a big success with Mr. Silver Xgke and a night 
of elegance at the Prom. Quicker then a blink came our senior 
year which started off with stresses of Sj^T taking and college 
selection but soon mellowed out as the nionths to graduation 
shortened. Whether college, work or the military, the future is 
upon us. '^ut once upon a time these memories were made . 
Good JCitck to all in the Class of 1997. 

Sincerely, '• — 

Jessica Wood 

President of the Class of 1997 


Dirty Dancing the junior way... with Josh Trainer 
and Cheryl Rone. 

Chemistry Apparel... Beth Caruso, Tiffany Riley, 
and Kelly Clasby show off the lastest fashions in 



Jjjooouuunniioorrss ...! The tigers got a hearty sample 
of the Lakers mighty trample. 

This has been another successful year 
for the Junior Class. We started the year 
with two fundraisers, the Dining Smart 
books and the magazine drive. Mr. Sil- 
ver Lake gave our treasury a boost aiid 
our Junior Prom was truly a night to 
remember. The Class of '98 anticipates a 
terrific senior year and wishes the best 
of luck to the Class of '97! 

Junior class leaders... Brendan Liszankie - 
Advisory Council, Shannon Laffey - President, 
Heidi Pendergast - Treasurer, Kim Bombardier 
- Historian, Adam Beltramini - Secretary and 
Jeff Phillips - Vice-President. 

support staff.. .Brad Blaney, Jay Driscoll, Stefanie Effron, Kelly Ruxton, 
oanne Torrey, Ricky Casavant, Merri Bates, Andy Yellope, Caitlyn 
vlurphy and Will Bristol hold up Jon Bond. 

Designing the future. ..Adam Mulliken 
anti Larry Belcher make it perfect. 

En Vogue... Junior gals Meghan Strug, Michelle Cash, Marney 
McSweeney and Chrissy Balchunas enjoy the weekend festivities. 


Let me see your LD.... Jason Lewis guards the door 
at the Homecoming Dance. 


If it ain't broke, don't fix it... Nick Muylle, Jason Standish, 
and Brian Bearse put their hands to work on their power 
systems project. 

The mission was really impossible ... when the sopho- 
mores tried to beat the senior's float. 

Where's the party...? Shawn, Dan, Shawna and Lisa are 
ready to boogie down! 


Sittin' pretty... Courtney Cleary, Jill Donnelly, 
Jenny Killinger, and Jill Levandoski take a 
break from their masterpieces to show off theii 

Mmmm, mmmm, good ...! Amy McQuiggan, 
Katie Newton, Kelly Blakeman, and James Mor 
make gourmet chocolate chip cookies. 

The Three Muskateers ... Amy Balzotti, Kim 
get all dolled up for the semi-formal. 




rhis year was easier for the sopho- 
mores because they had aheady ad- 
justed to block scheduHng and the 
Humanities Building. The highlight 
3f the year was the Sophomore Social 
when they received their class rings 
snd didn't have to share the fun with 
any of the other classes. Leading the 
Sophomore Class this year were: Jay 
Donovan - vice president, Mary 
Cunningham - secretary, Ben Spen- 
:er - historian, Meredith Aherne - 
president, and Melissa Bradley - trea- 


Shy sopho- 
mores... ? Not 
this spirited 

Can I have 
your auto- 




graph...? C. J. 

Small flashes 

his fans a 






Shepherd, and Jamie Ferreira 

What's cookin'...? Rob Parker, Melissa Duffy, Scott Melone, 
Jon Gosselin, Kelly Wright, Jill O'Connell, and Amy Simpson 
take a break from waiting on tables and washing dishes. 



Embarrassed ...? Come on! You're freshmen! Show your faces!' 
Kelly King, Kristin Armstrong, Megan Lynch, and Sara Ostrander 
take part in their first homecoming. 

Looking for King Tut's tomb ... Tim Figlioli 
and Tom Dovell enjoy an archeological dig in 
social studies class. 

Yes, we can ...! The freshmen soccer team has some big cleats to 
fill next year when the seniors are gone. 

■I '' 

Keep smiling ... You only have three more 
years to go! 

Where are you going ...? Matt Foster and Chris Govoni get a 
little too wrapped up in school spirit. 


Freshmen pride...! The freshmen tell us what 
they're all about! 

This year's freshmen were a whole new 
crowd! They came from being the oldest 
at the junior high to being the babies of 
the high school. But they were equal to 
the challenge. Spirit Week was the first 
obstacle they overcame with hard work 
and perseverence. Some of the high points 
of the year were the Freshmen Lock-In, 
their first Homecoming Game & Dance, 
and the Semi-Formal. Class leaders were 
Elizabeth Provost - historian. Matt Foster 
- president, Eliza Ryan - secretary, Kathy 
Caruso - treasurer, Luke Vercollone - vice 
president, and Renee Gaudette - Student 
Council rep. 

Getting down to business... Ken Johnson, Stephanie Palmacci, 
Alyssa Hill and Kathryn Butler get right to the task. 

will be 

and Brett 

Even heavy lifting ... Jeff Schatz and Matt 
Hayden will do anything to avoid the real 

Lean to the left...! Lean to the right! Stand up! Sit down! Fight! 
Fight! Fight! 



It's not all 

games, or 

is it? 

Down and dirty. ..Melissa Henrickson, Shauna Zanolli, Heather Cubi and Lisa 
Tighe sink their hands into some clay, or mud. 

The spotlight's on... Karen O'Neill. 

Right, left, turn.... Just keep moving and no one will ever suspect you 
have no clue what you're doing. 

Creative teaching with a twist ... Moebius strips become earrings in the hands 
of Andrea Quinn, Chris Allen, Andy Ikasalo, Nick Anthrop, Andrea Bruce, 
Cara Sullivan, Chad Verry, and Andrea Govoni in Mrs. Warren's Tech II Math. 


All alone, all all alone... Rob Cahill 
finds conscentration improved. 

'm so hungry I could eat my math book... Bob Mari, Jim 
3urns and Dan Scott can't wait for lunch. 

A little to the left, one turn to the right... 

Dennis Morway makes the final adjustments on 
his slide. 

Tongue tied... Matt Deluca? I don't think so! 


Wow, I wish I could do that... Jen Masscotte envies Jessica 
Gregory's masterpiece. 


Kiss a dummy... They don't mind. Matt Kent and 
Brian Buitenhuys want to make sure they are up-to- 
date with their CPR quahfications. 

Paper or plastic... Peter Sanda, Lisa Cash and Jessi Henry 
want to hide the face behind the voice in their rendition 
of Spanish Christmas Carols. 

What goes up, must come down... John 
Fiumara tests the laws of Physics. 

Over the past several years, the curriculum at Silver Lake has 
been expanding and improving with the addition of new 
courses and the innovation of teaching methods and assess- 
ment. In science, Anatomy, Astronomy, CPR, Sports Medi- 
cine, Our Chaotic Universe, and From Mach-1 to the Moon are 
among the newest additions. In social studies, Asian Cultures, 
Africa and the Middle East, and Current Affairs have made 
their debute this year. Community service will soon be a 
requirement for all graduating students. New courses are in 
the planning stages for next year as our school continues to 
move forward to the 21st century. 

Tuba Twins.. 



and Sarah 

Metcalf toot 

their own 




W 1 

Stand up 


k. ' ^ \ 1 

and shout..! 



^^imrf -^i 



itw^^K^ '"" .' 'jB 


■•"^ "^m 

^m vff '- iiiHH 

strates the 


ancient art 


of Latin 





songs in 



her Arts 



and West- 


■l^^.;-;^^^^. ' IHI 

ern Civ 






saw it here a minute ago...MaryBeth DeMille, Alyssa Crudup 
nd Heather Dion search for their ameoba. 

OncE upon a time there mas onig 
readin', mritin', and 'rithmetic. 

Days to Remember...Class Secretary Tara 
Brennan reminds us of upcoming events. 

Hands-on construction... Brian James and Chris 
Saucier attempt to construct a bridge with match 
sticks in Mr. Welty's physics class. 

She didn't start the fire... Watch out, 
Tanya Dingey's about to burn down 
the school. 

Have you had your V-8 today...? Tun I roup, bteve eurley, Jeremy 
Rowe, Michelle Madden, Sara DeLoach, and Brenden Gough. 


Come play on our toys...! Senior PreSchool 
students are Jill DeMullis, Ami Curran, Kelly 
Princiotta, Renee Reich, Melanie Priola, Kara 
Bergeron, Kathryn Kennfick, Dawn Looby, 
and Amy Bezanson. 

What's your name again...? Kristen and Kelly enjoy the 
special attention they receive from their teachers Kara 
Bergeron and Amy Bezanson. 


Is it my turn yet to climb on the yellow 
giant ...? Senior horticulture students are 
Jason Robbins, Guy Lewis, Ryan Copeland 
Joe King, Kevin McGrath, Jamie Miller, am 
Cory Pento. 


My favorite place... These are the feelings 
of Jamie Miller and Melissa Mayotte for the 
greenhouse environment. 

Qapinetmakms Sr 

Qarpentrg i 

Again this year the carpentry stu- 
dents were involved in building a 
house in Kingston. Part of the learn- 
ing experience is to construct mod- 
els that simulate various construc- 
tion skills and problems. 

More than just an education ... Mike 
Tassinari, Ed Wood, Marc Pierce, Craig 
Hanson, Kevin Hallahan and Dan Peloquin 
graduate from Silver Lake with skills that 
will be useful for a lifetime. 


Qulinarg 3rts 


Time to make the bagels ... Charles Trapp and Dennis Carreiro 
look tired before the busy day in Culinary Arts even begins. 


^m Botm 

The Transformers ... Justin Egan, Mike Paoline, and Michelle 
Hallahan can transform your rusty old car into a classy looking 

3uto JWechanics 

Building a bridge to his future... 

Chris Veracka is one of the seniors in 
the vocational program involved in 
co-op learning. Part of each day is 
spent working outside of school. 



Definitely not for guys only ... Jen Silvia and Pam Riley have proven to their 
male auto mechanics peers that they can take on any job. Gregg Nee, Jason 
Henry, and Ace Cooper welcome them to the challenge. 

JWEtal Fabrication 

Railings, mail- 
boxes, brackets 
of any kind ... 

Chouinard, Ed 
Place, Matt 
Kenerson, Tom 
Murphy, and 
Scott Martin can 
manufacture any 
custom metal 
fixture to exact 

JWarketing k JWanasemoit 

Marketing & 
students learn 
about business first 
hand by running 
the school store. 
They order stock, 
arrange displays, 
keep inventories, 
and do the book- 
keeping all in an 
attempt to keep the 
store, like any 
business, solvent. 

Get your balloons here ... Melissa Lavigne and Jen Warwick display 
some of the merchandise available for sale in the school store. 


































































I National Honor Society 

National Honor Society 

Elyce Aherne, Brenna 
Audette, Jessica Bradley, 
Rebecca Brown,Genevieve 
Byrne, Jason Cardinal, 
Stacy Fernandes, Julie 
Franklin, Micheal Freitas, 
Matthew Fulton, Patrick 
Furze, Staci Gardner, 
Alexander Gill, Jessica 
Henry, Kristen McAuliffe, 
Mike McLaughlin, Ed 
Melucci, Laura O'Keefe, 
Heather Porter, Sarah 
Provonche, Rebecca 
Ryerson, Aroline Seibert, 
Jon Whiting, Matt Woods. 

The Silver Lake Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization of 
select students. Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership and 
character. Each student is a role model for other students in his/her daily conduct 
and attitude. 

Latin Club 


J. Fuimara 

S. Fernandes 

L. Klepper 

S. Janhola 

A. Gill 


K. Strug 


S. Provonche 

Latin Club 


Latin Club celebrates the traditions of the Roman society by organizing their 
annual Saturnalia Festival and Roman Banquet. Mrs. Woodhouse and her Latin 
Club members definitely know the true meaning of the phrase carpe diem. 

Astronomy Club 

The Astronomy Club was 
formed from the new course 
Our Chaotic Universe. For 
students to learn astronomy it 
was not enough to simply dis- 
cuss the stars and planets; they 
also observed them. The club 
participated in many Astron- 
omy Nights both at the high 
school and at the Halifax Public 
Library. In the fall, students 
prepared posters for a lunar 
eclipse party held at the library 
and fielded questions from over 
100 community members. 

C. Gale, A. Gill, P. Burke, B. Gough, E. Scioscia, A. Haddock, 
S. Fernandes, L. Klepper, A. Seibert, K. Watson, J. Wood, L. 
Tighe, K. Robbins, T. Dingy, H. Driscoll. 

Math Team 

A love of math and competitive 
spirit are what the members of 
this club have in common. Stu- 
dents compete against other local 
teams in subjects like geometry, 
algebra, and trigonometry. Under 
the leadership of Mr. Bloomquist, 
they have proven themselves to 
be formidable opponents. 

P. Bloomquist, A. Bloomquist, P. Zwahlen, T. Ricketts, P. Provonchc, 
S. Ingalls, G. Snoeyenbos, J. Vaughan, J. Fukuda, A. Mulliken, J. Llanes, 
M. Cwik, A. Gill, S. Provonche, J. Montosi. 


Student Council 

Senior Council 

Kristir\ Kuja, Lisa Pierce, 
Heather Porter, Dennis 
Carreiro, Kerry Watson, 
Michelle Walmsley, 
Stephen Harling, 
Kristen McAuliffe, Jon 
Whiting, Jason 
Cardinal, Heather Dion. 

Executive Board 

Executive Board: President, Dan Sanberg; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Elyce Aherne; Secretary, Jane Brennan; Trea- 
surer, John Hannon; Historian, Jessica Bradley; Public 
Relations, Sandy Beaton. 

Student Council, a group of student-elected members, 
plays an important role in keeping tlie lines of commu- 
nication open between students and adminstration. 
They have hosted a variety of successful events such as 
Homecoming, Spirit Week, the Leadership Lock-in and 
Blood Drive. None of this could be accomplished with- 
out the support of advisor Mrs. Stanghellini. 

^ ^^^ ,,i^ ^ 

Key Club, a school and 
community service orga- 
nization, is one of the 
largest clubs at Silver 
Lake. The club raises 
money for families in 
need and just recently 
helped find a bone mar- 
row donor for a young 
cancer patient. The Key 
Club owes its continued 
success to their advisor, 
Mrs. Curtis. 


aBsr^-T^i-ns', . — rr^mxB i r .i *■ jjiw nr »jff. 

Peer Counselors 

Silver Lake's Peer Counselors 
provide support to the stu- 
dents and staff of the school. 
Counselors are interviewed 
on a one to one basis and 
must display a high level of 
self-esteem and maturity. The 
students act as role models 
for other students through 
counseling and tutoring. The 
group is very successful 
thanks to its advisors Mrs. 
Gilchrist and Mrs. Richards. 

Matt Fulton, Paul Blaney, Mike McLaughlin, Pat Furze, Shawn lanucci, Meredith Fumarola, Becky 
Brown, Jamie Angley, Jeremy Dutra, Stephanie Janhola, Siobhan Collins, Marissa Lederman, Lisa 
Venezia, Peter Hunt, Mrs. Gilchrist, Mrs. Richards, Angle Desiata, Marche Strickland, John Drew, 
Dan Sandberg, Jenny Byrne, Meredith Aherne, Karen Ballantine, Sandy Beaton, Aroline Seibert, 
Elyce Aherne, Heather Porter, Kerry Watson, Rachel Souza, Jill McMahon. 

Peer Mediation is a form of conflict 
resolution in which trained students, 
with adult supervision, help peers 
talk out and resolve interpersonal 
conflicts. Student mediators do not 
take sides or make decisions for their 
peers. They help other students come 
up with their own resolutions. Peer 
mediation is a safe, effective pro- 
gram that has been implemented in 
hundreds of schools across the 
United States. 

Peer Mediators 

Becky Brown, Laura O'Keefe, Kristen McAuUiffe, Elyce Aherne, 
Kerry Watson, Rachel Souza, Jamie Angley, Aroline Seibert, Dan 
Sandberg, Marche Strickland, Meredith Aherne, and Mrs. Richards. 


y Women's Choir 

The Silver Lake Women's Choir, a 
select group of sixteen voices, is 
happy to be in its first year of exist- 
ence. The group rehearses once a 
week after school preparing for 
numerous concerts at Silver Lake and 
in the surrounding communities. 
Singers, grades 9-12, are selected 
based on tone quality, musicianship, 
potential and commitment. 

Jackie Hebert, Ewa Nowicki, Georgia Young, 
Heather Kelly, Shawna Harty, Brianne 
Forrest, Lydia Mitchell, Katie McKinnon, 
Andres Govoni, Ami Drumgool, Sarah 
Haddock, Alena Coslvi, Carolyne MacLellan, 
Marie Sanford. 

Jazz Choir 

This new, small choral ensemble performs acapella and 
specializes in jazz style music. All members must go through 
an audition and demonstrate a high level of musical talent. 
Jill Garland, Georgia Young, Mr. Shattuck, Alicia Ruprecht, 
Erik Barnes, Dan Ballinger. 

Wind Ensemble 

Seniors: Jared Martin, 
Sarah Provonche, 
Brenna Audette, Stacey 
Gardner, Dianne Smith. 

^„4({J..J^/ 0iit^ * 


The wind ensemble is made up 
mostly of upperclassmen. Students 
audition for acceptance and per- 
form five times yearly. 


Mr. Shattuck, Brian Kelly, P.J. 
Simeone, Erik Barnes, Ryan 
Hinchey, Dan Ballinger, Carolyne 
MacLellan, Lydia Mitchell, 
Meredith Aherne, Brianne Forrest, 
Liz Craig, Kim LaBoute, Ewa 
Nowicki, Theresa Mattson, Jared 
Martin, Steve Littlefield. 

The Madrigals have successfully competed at both the 
state and national level performing acappella music. 
When they are not busy competing, the Madrigals enjoy 
performing for various school functions such as the 
MADD candle light vigil and the Holly Tea. This talented 
group of singers perfect their voices with the help of Mr. 
Shattuck, their advisor. 

During the fall. Marching Band 
stays after school with their 
advisor, Mr Beaulieu preparing 
music for the football half-time 
show. But they do more then just 
play for our football team. This 
talented group can also be seen 
performing at various school and 
communtity sponsored events. 

Marching Band 

Seniors: Sarah Provonche, Steve Lockwood, Rebecca Ryerson, Heather 
Porter, Karen Dowling, Brenna Audette, Julie Franklin, Stacy Gardner, 
Jared Martin, Katie McKinnon. 


Winter Guard 

Back: Brianne Forest, 
Amanda Lavally, Mimi 
Bezanson, Amy Festa, 
Colleen Bright, 
Christina Churchill. 
Front: Marie Compton, 
Carolyne Maclellan, 
Kerrin Dowling, Julie 
Franklin, Marie 
Sandford, Brenna 
Audette, Katie 
McKinnon, Lori 

Winter Guard is a new organization this year and is similar to Color 
Guard, but they begin their season after the football season. This 
group also performs with flags but mainly for competitions and 

Back: Heather Porter, 
Kim Kane, Amanda 
Lavally, Mimi 
Bezanson, Amy Festa, 
Colleen Bright, 
Christina Churchill. 
Front: Katie 
McKinnon, Julie 
Franklin, Marie 
Sandford, Kerrin 
Dowling, Brenna 

Students in this activity perform with flags at rallies and football 
games. They work with the marching band and also get involved 
with parades and competitions. 


Ski Club 

Silver Lake's Ski Club has the 
opportunity to hit the slopes at a 
variety of New England's finest ski 
resorts. Ski Club challenges every- 
one from the novice skier to the 
expert snowboarder. Mrs. Shultz 
ensures that everyone has a good 
time and a memorable experience. 

Senior Video 

Lights, Camera, Action.. .The senior 
video staff could be seen throughout 
the halls and at sporting events 
during the year filming seniors in 
action. They produce a life-long 
memory for the graduates with the 
help of advisor, Mr. Tavares 

Dan Sandberg, Jessica Henry, Dustin Antle, Heather Dion, Tara Brennen. 


Drama Club 

This year's Drama Club, along 
with advisor, Mr. Lane, is 
rehearsing to perform an enter- 
taining play called "The Curse of 
the Werewolf." The Drama Club 
holds many fundraisers to 
defray the costs of sets and 
costumes. They also raise money 
to travel to competitions. 



Amnesty International is a 
worldwide voluntary move- 
ment which is independent of 
any government, political 
faction, ideology, economic 
interest, or religious creed. 
This group works to prevent 
some of the gravest violations 
by governments of people's 
fundamental human rights. 
Founded in 1961, it has 
worked on behalf of more 
than 43,000 prisoners of 

Rebecca Ryerson, Abigail Warren, P.J. Simeone, 

The Cultural Diversity Club was 
formed to promote greater aware- 
ness and understanding of the 
diverse populations that make up 
our school and communities. 
Posters, library displays and bulletin 
boards as well as sponsorship of the 
efforts of other school groups have 
all been part of the CDC's activities. 
Additionally, CDC represents Silver 
Lake at all ADL World of Differ- 
ences conferences and training 


C.J. Small, Aroline Seibert, Marche Stickland, Dan Sandberg, Percy Wright. 



Students against drunk driving is an 
organization whose goal is to provide 
education to promote awareness of 
drinking and driving and general 
drug use. Each year SADD sponsors a 
variety of events such as Grim Reaper 
Day, Pre Prom assemblies, and teacher 
appreciation activities. Their advisor is 
Mrs. Rohr. 

ieniors: Shauna Zanolli, Heather Cubi, Sarah DeLoach, Julie 
^ranklin, Melanie Clark, Kerrin Dowling, Bonnie Meada, 
vielissa Hynes. 


The Golden Age Program run by Mrs. 
McAleer gives students a chance to 
donate their options period to visit 
and assist senior citizens at 
Evanswood. These students help 
prepare lunches, play games and most 
of all share quality time exchanging 
stories with the elderly. 


The Society was established through 
Jostens for offering incentives to students 
for academic excellence and perfect 
attendance. This group, with the help of 
their advisor Dr. McEwan, sets the 
standards and plans appropriate incen- 
tives and awards to students who achieve 
these standards. 


I Speech and Debate 

The members of this talkative club 
practice after school and compete in 
statewide tournaments. These tourna- 
ments focus on the techniques of debate 
and public speaking. Mr. Crocker is 
their advisor. 

Jenn Batson, Daniel Orcutt, Rachel Schulze, 
Angela DeSiata, Kim Youngstrom, Beth Martin, 
James Neil, Adam Mulliken. 

Laker Legend 

This monthly newspaper keeps students up 
to date at Silver Lake. It covers sporting 
events, student activities and a look at the 
community. The staff is taught the funda- 
mentals of newspaper production. Mr. 
Turley is advisor and Jenny Byrne is Editor- 

Senior Members: Heath Emburg, Steve Curley, 
Jenny Byrne, Siobhan Collins, Kara Sullivan 



DECA is a national organization that 
provides business students with the 
skills needed to succeed in the field of 
marketing and management. Mr. 
Greland and the DECA students not 
only run the school store but also 
successfully compete in local, state 
and national competitions. Run out of 
paper? Loose your pen? You can 
always stop by the Laker Trading 

Kelly Veazie, Nick Cullivan, Diane 
Brown, Jen Warwick, Missi Lavigne, 
Kevin Moberg, Jen Perry, Caitlin 
Sweeney, Kathy Gately, Amanda Bright. 

Outdoor Club 

Do you like the great wide open? This club 
certainly does. The Outdoor Club is always 
looking for a new way to experience the 
outdoors. Some of their favorite outings 
include cross-country skiing, hiking and 
white water rafting. Mr. Cerne is the 
adventerous one who leads this club. 

Michelle Wamsley, Rachel Souza, Arohne 
Seibert, April King and Mike Barkas. 

\\^.^'. ■ ^^j> S>i /* 

Ms. Maliszewski, David Gamble, Guy Lewis, Joseph King, 
Ron Cagiano, Ryan Copeland, Mr. Hardy. 


Future Farmers of America is an extension 
of the horticultural program here at Silver 
Lake. FFA helps to keep our school grounds 
and classrooms beautiful with their many 
projects. Some of their services are landscap- 
ing the grounds, running the Plant of the 
Month Club, organizing Christmas wreath 
sales and, of course, promoting their annual 
spring plant sale. 


Switchboard Operators 

Alena ConSalvi, Alicia Adams, 
Pat Riley, Pam Torrey, Leanne 
Riccio, Doreen Boidleau, Heidi 
Hewitt, Mike Doherty, Brian 

Ever wonder who that friendly voice on 
the other end of the hne is? Why it's one of 
our very own switchboard operators who 
volunteer during option periods to man 
the phones. 


Silver Lake's very own news show 
greets students in homeroom every 
morning, informing us of all the 
important events happening around 
the Lake. Mr. Tavares and Mr. Brown 
help produce this morning show. 

Dustin Antle, Joel Vaughan, Angela DeSiata, Aroline 
Seibert, Beth Martin, Jane Montosi, Kimberly 

Office Aides] 

Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Knight would be lost 
without the efficiency and skills of their 
office aids. 


Front row: Bethany Eklund, Pam Bloomquist, 
Brian Van Riper, Kristen Walmsley, Karina 
Mollica. Middle row: Mehssa Gillett, Michelle 
Burns, Kristine Balchunas, Erin MacWalter. 
Back row: Denielle Milton, Kim Dolan, Lia 
Driscoll, Kathleen Mulrain, Stephanie Jones, 
Sarah Driscoll, Amanda Lavalley. 

Guidance Aides 

This helpful group of students delivers 
passes for counselor appointments and 
directs students to other guidance 

Front row: Josh Peterson, Jason Morrissey. 
Middle row: Michael Salvucci, Kelsey Rhue, 
Sheila Kane, Kristen Fortini, Justin Dennison. 
Back row: Brett O'Donnell, Sherry Miller, 
Jeremy Dutra, Erin McDonald, Kevin Ormsbee, 
Ami Drumgool. 

I Audi 

Audio Visual Aides 

Having problems with your 
audio-visual equipment? Then 
this is the club to call. These 
aides, along with the help of 
Mr. K. Brown, assist in recording 
class presentations and interest- 
ing activities around the school. 

Kevin Ormsbee, Dustin Antle, Joel Vaughn, 
Samantha Ingalls. 

Our Library Aides assist Mrs. Wusenich, 
Mrs. Mosca and Mr. Burns with stacking 
books, delivering passes, and helping 
students find information, even on the Net. 

Zach Gill, Samantha Ingalls, Sarah 
Hall, Cliff Suavely, Jeremy Le Clair, 
Jake Bourke, Becky De Sousa, Jessica 
Worzybok, Michelle Quellette. 



"Going to football games"- Dave Rothhaar 

"All the fine ladies"- Dave Varitimos 

"Free School"- Don Hutchings 

"After school activities"- Mike Morrissey 

"Snow days"- John Hannon 

"Lost and found"- Rob Cahill 

"Trainer Norm"- Corey Pento 

"School lunches — 'Good food cheap'"- Mike Freitas 

"The bells between classes"- Tim Wright 

"Men of the Lake dance"- Lisa Cash 

"Gossip"- Kim Jones 

"Half days"- Jeremy Dutra 

"The field hockey team"- Kerry Watso?i 

"Student council field trips"- Dan Sandberg 

'AH the fine guys on the soccer team"- Kathryn Kennefick 

"Socializing"- Kate Harrigan 

"Being a kid"- Tiffany McCarthy 

"Preschool"- Kristen Howie 

"My big, beautiful locker"- Keviji Lang 

"The Scotland boys"- Jon Wliiting & Jay Cardinal 

"Carnival Week & dress up days"- Karen O'Neil 

"Getting up at 6:00 a.m."- P.J. Simeone 

"Peer counseling"- Peter Hunt 

"The good old days"- Matt Fulton 

"Art"- Becky Calberg 

"Mr. Darche & Cross Country"- Michelle Walmsley 

"Marching band and band trips"- Stacie Gardner 

"The security"- Jenny Byrne 

"Winter fire drills"- Chris Dolan 

"Mr. Murray"- Heather Driscoll 

"Baseball season"- John Fiumara 

"Extended detention"- Eric Scioscia 

"No pressure"- Brendan Cough 

"Walk - jog in gym"- John Drew 

"Mosh pit at 112"- Laurel Nee 

"People you'll never see again"- Jamie Gill 

"Seeing all my friends"- Everyone 

First Row: Dennis Morway, Geoff Harper, John Fiumara, Mike Duclos, Matt Kent, Matt Skillings, Pat 
Furze, Jay Cardinal, Pat Collins, Tim Wright. Back Row: Coach Johnson, Jon Whiting,J.P. Vercallone, 
Dave Horton, Rick Casavant, Andy Yellope, Josh Trainer, John Brooks, Matt Deidnan, John Fanning, 
Brian Morgan, Scott Horton, Mike Dacey, Erik Steele, Coach Doyle. 

Bun ^ :Kick 

The Boys Soccer Team's success can't be 
measured by their first round defeat in the 
O.C.L. tournament. Lead by M.V.P. Matt 
Kent and Cuneo Award winner Jon Whit- 
ing, the team finished their season with an 
8-7-5 record. Pat ColUns and Pat Furze re- 
ceived the Coaches' Award at the team's 
celebration banquet. 

Sorry,Weymouth, this ball's mine... Dennis Morway 
takes control. 

Pep talk... Mr. Johnson psyches up the team. 



Break on through... Josh Trainer Lakes tlie ball to the 
other side. 


Excuse me, guys, - coming through... 

Andy Yellope shows off his finesse. 

Making his move... Scott Kendrick has skills. 

Break a leg... Pat Furze. 

Slap me high, slap me low... The team starters 
get ready for action. 

Don't worry. I've got it under control. ..Co-captam 

Matt Kent concentrates as he sweeps down the field. 

• 125 

The 1996 Girls Varsity Soccer season was the most 
successful one in school history. Not only were 
they O.C.L. Champions but also South Sectional 
Semi-Finalists. Lead by captains Kristen McAuliff e 
and Candy Reich, the team set new school records 
for wins in a season, shutouts, goals against and 
tournament victories. Congratulations! 

Taking a break... Captain Kristen McAuliffe 
and sophomore Kim Shepherd leave it up to 
the team for this period. 

The Crane...! Kim Bombardier has a secret weapon. 

Front row: Kerrie Corvi, 
Melissa Piche, Candy Reich, 
Kristen McAuliffe, Jane 
Brennan, Elyce Aherne, 
Krista Koylion, Becky Brown, 
Second row: Kristen 
Hockney, Laura McLelland, 
MaryBeth Lemay, Kim 
Shepherd, Jen Rossi, Shauna 
Gillis, Renee Gaudette, 
Jessica Marconi. 
Third row: Nicole Casavant, 
Cheryl Rone, Laura Kane, 
Coach Ashby, Kim Bombar- 
dier, Meredith Aherne, and 
Kim Duclos. 

Follow the leader., 

will go. 

where ever Krista Koylion 


l^^L. ^BK? . .•^Tifry^J^^ ^^B^mSii 


W: 'Jfifln^fli^^^^Hfi 




A A^ ;fejy" 



g^-^i^v^^V^ ft^ !S? .',^^. 

Where to now...? Candy Reich wonders what to do next. 

Fighting for control... Mehssa Piche takes 
it back. 

Which way do I go..? Nicole Casavant plots her 
next move. 

Waiting... Coach Ashby and Jessica Marconi 
leave the praying to Elyce Aherne. 

The key to next year's win... Kim Shepherd, 
Shawna Gillis, Jen Rossi, Laura McLelland, 
Kim Duclos, Nicole Casavant, and Meredith 

• 127 

Pirst and Ten 

The Laker Football Team has fallen on sonne hard times over thi 
years, but the last two years the team has gone 6-14. This is a vas 
improvement for them and the coaches. Under the direction o 
fourth year Coach, Jeff Knight, the Lakers have emphasized thi 
importance of "Turning the Corner." Although losing some heart 
breakers this year, the Lakers showed they can play with the besi 
The second game of the year they came up with a lop-sided victor 
over Plymouth South in Plymouth. They showed they could pu 
points on the scoreboard by defeating Plymouth 34-14. Another bi; 
win came for Lakers on homecoming versus Taunton. The win fo 
the Lake was huge because it was their first Homecoming win in si: 
years. The Lakers beat Taunton 34-6. The Lakers won again on th 
road at Duxbury. They defeated the Dragons 13-0. This also was . 
milestone because it was the first game they shut out a team in tei 
years. WAY TO GO!!!!! 

Arial Attack. ..5'6" Marquisse 
Silva out jumps 6'6" Jon 

Heads or Tails... Don Hutchings, Jason Henry, Josh Hatch 
and Jon Bond wait for the toss. 

Senior Roster... 

Jeffrey Brems, Sean 
Haggerty, Craig 
Hansen, Josh Hatch, 
Jason Henry, Chris 
Hession, Donald 
Hutchings, Michael 
Morrissey, Matt 
Murzyn, Corey Pento, 
Peter Sanda and Brian 


Taking a flying leap... Chris Hession attempts to 
block a Taunton punt. 

"Go get 'em, 

l^Jtete^^ Jsa^.. tiger...!" Coach 

Knight gives Jon 
Bond some last 
minute advice. 

Send it to the moon... Mike Morrissey's punt is 
sure to travel far. 


The 1996 Cross Country season, under the leadership 
of Coach Joe Darche, was one of the most successful in 
history. (The boys won their first OCL championship 
since 1960! ) The team was lead by captains Peter Hunt, 
Matt Fulton, Joe Llanes, Michelle Walmsley and Heather 
Dion. Llanes, Walmsley, Dion , Tom Duggan and Kevin 
Virta were all named League All-Stars. 

Farfahjogging... but exchange 
student, Rainer Borchert doesn't 


Seniors on the i 
Cross Country 
Team: Matt 
Woods, Mike 
Kevin Virta, 
Rainer Borchert, 
Dave Hillery, 
Dustin Antle, 
Rachel Souza, 
Walmsley, Joe 
Llanes, Matt 
Fulton, Peter 
Hunt, and 
Heather Dion. 

Circle of friends... The seniors of the Cross Country team are heads 
above the rest. 


Bain or 0hine 

••*^ 'U^/, 

lama, I'm coming home... Maybe so, but can Krzysztof run to Poland? 

'roud to be Laker Leaders.. Captains Matt Fulton, Michelle Walmsley, Joe Llanes, 
ieather Dion and Peter "Jimbob" Hunt. 

Over the river and through the woods.. 

Michelle Walmsley leads 
the pack. 

One small step... for Kevin 
Virta, one giant leap for SL. 

Run like the wind...Heather Dion 
blows by. 


Sticks and Atones 

Captains... Heather Parker and Kerry Watson, 
not just captains but also buddies. 

Hey, get back here! That's my ball... Dawn Looby 
hooks her opponent. 

The Girls' Field Hockey team knows all 
too well what it's like to miss the O.C.L. 
tournament by one point. With nine 
strong senior players, the team, lead by 
co-captains Heather Parker and Kerry 
Watson, who was also an all-state ath- 
lete, rallied for a strong season finish. 

Grrrrrrr... Kristin 
Kuja is ready to take 
anyone on. 


Back Row: Coach Lopes, Heather Driscoll, Jessica Bradley, Tiffany Riley, Heather Sites, Lisa 
Cash, Kristin Kuja, Dawn Looby, Sara Zifcak, Abby Luque, Assistant Coach Fitzwilliam. 
Front Row: Melissa Pierce, Katie Kellogg, Leanne DeOlivera, Kerry Watson, Heidi 
Pendergast, Heather Parker, Lauren Acevich, Meagan Long, Aroline Seibert. 

Team work... Sara Zifcak and Jessica Bradley know what the 
game is all about. 

>^ ^1 

Shoot...Crash the pads... Is it a goal..? 

Catch me if you can..! Keir) Watson runs 

^ ;^^ ; away with the ball. 


m^i^iii^ M^ j ^ 

iVhKMWKk^^vvx*: >»«^^.■^^^ 

@ump ^ jSpikc 

At the beginning of the year, the entire 
fourteen player varsity roster totaled ex- 
actly ZERO years of organized volleyball 
experience. Nine weeks later, these girls 
stepped on the court with an 8-7 record for 
their first tournament game versus 15-1 
Inner-City League Champion O'Bryant 
High School. The Lakers played hard and 
took two games from the number two 
seeded Tigers, but dropped the match three 
games to two. 

The Lakers were led this season by a 
strong senior contingent, including cap- 
tains Karen O'Neill and Lauri McNamara, 
and Pilgrim Conference All-Star Becki 

Harris. -Coach Turley 

You serve like a girl... but for Becky Harris it means another ace. 

Volleyball squad... Jen Ford, Becky Harris, 
Lauri McNamara, Sandy Bohlken, Jamie 
Drew, and Jessica Wood. 

Front Row: Kelly Robbins, Lara O'Keefe, Karen O'Neill, Jen Ford, Lauri McNamara, Becky Harris, Jessi Henry, 
Coach Turley and Coach Black's family. Back Row: Coach Black, Katie Bobo, Audra Lissell, Jessica 
7 Q/f • Wood, Maria Sorrento, Jamie Drew, Sandy Bohlken, Megan McCoy. 

Here's the game plan... Jessy Henry loves the play, 
L but Lauri McNamara doesn't quite understand it. 


Take it to the turf... Varsity Football Cheerleaders have fun in the 
sun. Seniors are Jennifer Warwick and MaryBeth DeMille. 

Take it to the boards...Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders steal the 


Take it to the ice...Varsity Hockey Cheerleaders never put their 

enthusiasm on ice. 

Take it on the road... that's exactly what 
Stacy McSharry and Ronja Labrecque do 
with their cheering act. 

Chant and Cheer 


Take it to the head... MaryBeth DeMille 
and Stacy Fernandez are co-captains of 
the basketball cheerleaders. 

"A rose by any other name..." the football cheerleaders 
continue the tradition of receiving roses from the players at 
the homecoming pep rally. 

Take it low... these girls go to all lengths to 
get the crowd cheering. 

In training... the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders will be 
ready to take over next season. 

Art with art ... both are tops for Silver Lake students. 

Cheeerleading is as much of a sport at Silver Lake 
as football or hockey. These girls put in hours of 
practice after school and perform strenuous rou- 
tines at most of the games and all of the pep 
rallies. The cheerleaders also compete against 
other schools and are judged on the originality of 
their performance. Mrs. Bright andMrs.Hayhurst 
are two of the coaches. 

Always together... Sophomore Lisa Traficante 
with freshmen team members Andrea Sferruzza, 
Beth Fowler, Stefanie Palmacci, and Elisha • 




Another great season for the 
Silver Lake Wrestling team 
who scored a winning vic- 
tory over Taunton for the first 
time. Making great show- 
ings throughout the year 
were seniors Rob Cahill, 
Mark Marchand, Preston 
Lemanski, Derek Barnes, and 
Steve Hackett. 

Total Body Workout... 

John McCallum uses every 
muscle in his body, even 
those in his toes. 

^■t & jHifl 


What a move ...! Senior Derek Barnes takes the upper 
hand right from the start. 

Roll out the barrel... Matt Jeffries employs the barrel roll 
to conquer his Weymouth opponent. 

Stand tall, stand proud... Steve Hackett, 
Mark Marchand, Rob Cahill, and Preston 
Lemanski are some of SL's best ever. 


Sink it is ... for Preston Lemanski's opponent as he uses 
the double leg sink for a Silver Lake point. 

The Team ... 

Senior Wrestlers: 
Chris Hession, 
Mark Marchand, 
Steve Hackett, 
Rob Cahill 
Preston Lemanski, 
Chuck Slavin, 
Scott Maclean, 
Jason Trotta, Jason 
Cardinal, Derek 
Barnes, and Jon 
Coach Greg Black. 

Figure four... Jason Trotta has mastered his moves. 

Wheelbarrow race..? No, Jim Kinkade 
is not just toying with his opponent. 

It's up here 


leaps for the 

BribblE and ^oot 

It was a fight to the finish for the 
boys' basketball team this year when 
they won five of their last six games 
to qualify for the O.C.L. tournament. 
Lead by captains Mike Morrissey, 
Brian Buitenhuys, and Dave 
Rothhaar, the team finished with an 
impressive 10-11 record. The team 
couldn't have done it without the 
help of their coach, Dick Arieta. 

Take it to the hoop boys... 

Coach Arieta keeps a watchful 
eye on his team. 


*' .^SiK/Kk 

■1 wiw^^^ 






If Wljf' 





% V 


Front Row: Matt Kent, David Rothhaar, Brian Buitenhuys, Mike Morrissey, 
Marquis Silva, Dave Varatimos. Back Row: Trainer Paquin, Brian Morgan, 
Lee Willis, Jon Bond, Tom Duggan, James Kopp, Coach Arieta, Mr. Morgan. 

I'll get him high, you get him low... Jon 

Bond and Marquis Silva double team their 

Pass it to me, pass it to me. ..Mike Morrissey looks to Brian 
Morean for the perfect open pass. ^ . ^ 

^lams and Jams 

Get off of my back... Audra Lissell refuses to let her 
opponent touch the ball. 

Keep your eye on the ball...Kristen 

McAuliffe and Marche Strickland are 
still watching even as the ball flies out 
of their reach. 

Front Row: Kim Duclos, Kristen McAuUffe, Marche Stickland, Laura 
McClelland, Mary Beth Brennan. Back Row: Beth Caruso, Celeste Walters, 
Christine Gilcoine, Audra Lissell, Sarah Deroche, Candace Reich, 
Coach Steele. 


Taking a break...Candy Reich takes a 
break both literally and figuratively. 

Way up high... Marche Strickland jumps up in 
the air to get the rebound. 

Make me proud girls". ..Of course! That's what the girl's 
asketball team does best for Coach Steele. 

It's mineINo 
it's mine... 

Audra Lissell 
and her rival 
are in no 
position to 




k^hich way will she go? Which way will she go??? 

larche Strickland does a quick fake and moves in to 

'■'^H^^^^r M^^^^^V dMh.^^^^^^^K'- ' nl^Lf x^ ^^^^^1 

^ ^ -- Jfe 

^1 ^ 

V "w 



«^ s- 

Hit me high, hit me low... the team sends Beth 
Caruso off to battle. 


jgkatE and ^corc 

Warmin' up the ice... Joe Mason 
takes to the ice. 

Is it going in??? Looks Uke a close call for goalie Justin Burke. 



He shoots, he scores.. .Joe Keefe shows the 
excitement of scoring a goal against Falmouth. 

Front: D. McKinney, 

B. Callahan, J. Mason, 
A. Fest, M. Cleary, 

T. Troup, M. Perry, 
D. Scott, A. Therrien, 
J. Standish, E. Burke. 
Back: Coach Connors, 
D. Buckingham, 
R. Casavant, F. Nogueira, 
J. Walsh, J. Driscoll, 
J. Costa, S. Casey, 
R. Lynch, J. Burke, 
J. Keefe,J. Haglund, 

C. Verry, A. Mason, and 
Coach Donovan. 

Get up! Get up...! Tim Troup encourages his teammate Mike Cleary 
to make a quick recovery of his balance and get back in the game. 




^^^^^^HK ' ^^^B^^^^E ^^^^k j'^^^^h 



^^^B >i4L''^^tr^^' A*"j'^ 

^tl^^y'fK. Vt> 



aJBT k^J 


iw ~ « ^^|H ^wH /BOB 


fr 1 



— ^ 


'^ ( 


;OOAAL...The ice men celebrate a victory 
vex their Falmouth opponents. 

We got your back.. .Dan 

Scott, Adam Fest, Mike 
Cleary, Justin Burke, 
and Rick Casavant 
wait for Dan McKinney 
to win the face off. 

Faster, Faster...Mike Cleary, Dan McKinney, and Dan Scott skate 
their way to another Laker goal. 

Change in strategy... 

Coach Donovan's last 
minute instructions. 

Power play... 

4-2, the Lakers 
always like 
those odds. 


jSerae and Vollea i 

After surviving a rainy season, the girls tennis 
team went on to compete in the state tournament for 
the eleventh consecutive year! This was quite an 
accomplishment with only one returning senior on 
the team. These young players proved to everyone 
that they were just as skilled and determined as the 
more experienced. Captains Lisa Cash and Kristen 
McAuliffe were both named O.C.L. All Stars! 

Take that... Tri-Captain Becky 
Brown returns a ball. 

Weebles wobble... but tri-captain Kristen McAuliffe won't fall dowi 

We are family... Kerryn Donahoe, Michelle Cash, Lauren Perry, 
Emily Miller, Jen LaFleur and Eileen Elliott. 

The Team... Front: Stefanie Efron, Sarah Harling, Lisa Cash, Kristen McAuliffe, 
Caitlin Murphy, Jenny Killinger, Kerryn Donahoe. Middle: Stacy Cuddy, Michelle 
Cash, Emily Miller, Eileen Elliott, Becky Brown, Erica Warzybok, Jen LaFluer, Amy 
Drumgool Back: Shannon Laffey, Janel Fuller, Julie Wilkinson,Lauren Perry, Celeste 
Walters, Jean McKay, Sharon Liszanckie, Lia Driscoll and Coach Rafferty. 


Hi-yah..Tri-captain Lisa 
Cash demonstrates her 
karate ability during 
tennis practice. 

I want to be like Mikcjeff 

Phillips puts on his game face. 

The Team... Front: Brian Alberti, Jeff Phillips, Matt Snyder, Steve Brennan, 
Brian Buitenhuys, Brendan Liszanckie. Back: Ben Spencer, John Fossetti, 
Mike Slawson, Kevin Hasset, Jeff Benelli, Mike Kubicki, Jason Edmundo, 
J. P. Vercollone 


I'm Bad.. .Captain Brian Buitenhuys knows the game and makes it seem 

"Hey, Dave..." Matt Burton is ready, 
but what about Dave Hillary? 


Bun and ^ump 


G. I /-x . ^- I She keeps soine and 

irls Spring Track going... Lcheisouza 

won't stop for anything 
but a win. 

No Doubt about it... Laura O'Keefe makes throw 
m; ing the discus look easy. 

Jump, jump up, and get down. 

Heather Dion hurdles over the 

Move it or lose it... Michelle 
Walmsley pushes her way into 
first place. 

Music to ones ears... Winning is all Melissa Piche ever hears. 

V V 



. \ 


Seniors... Dawn Looby, Tanya Dingey, Rachel Souza, Michelle Walmsley, 
Laura O'Keefe, Heather Dion, Kerry Watson, Melissa Piche. 

Ready, set, go... Mike Duclos receives the baton from Andy 
Darsch without missing a step. 

Bace and Throo) 

Boys Spring Track 

Superman... Mike Freitas leaps small 
buildings in a single bound. 

Our future is so bright, we have to wear shades... 

Dennis Morway, Dan McAuliffe, Mike Freitas, and 
Chad Verry are looking forward to a winning season. 

Wait till you see how 
far this one goes... 

Doug Govoni demon- 
strates the art of 
discus throwing. 

Brian Yeaton winds up for the shot put. 


Down the line... Preparing for the pitcli, Sandy Bohlken hopes to 
hit a homerun for Silver Lake. 

Please just one more win... is all 

Coach Brennan is asking. 

Pitch SS 

Be a strike, please 
be a strike... 

Kristin Kuja hopes 
for another out. 

Thunk and the crowd goes wild... Cheryl Rone hits 
another one out of the park. 

Back: Kristin Kuja, Heather 
Parker, Jessy Henry, Cheryl 
Rone, Jen Ford, Sandy 
Bohlken, Kristen Hockney, 
Becky Avenell. Front: 
Michelle Andrews, Amanda 
Wagner, Meredith Owen, 
Sue Desellier, Kim Mulrain, 
Coach Brennan, and Susanna 


M and 'aim 




Hit it to me, I swear I'll catch it... Kevin 
Reggio is ready to make the play. 

High Five. ..John Fiumara celebrates with his team after a home run. 

The Silver Lake Baseball Team had another 
successful year on the field. For the second 
time in 25 years they won a berth in the state 
tournament where they again performed well. 
The team looks forward to another successful 
year with coaches Bob Rogers, Jonathan Rice 
Erick Flaherty, and Rick Swanson. Good Luck 
in the 1997 season. 

Front: Jim Burns, Alan Provost, Eric Beltramini, Chris O'Meara, Steve Swinheart, Bob 
Malone, Brian Scanlon, J.P. Dalton. Back: Jon Bond, Steve Emerson, Kevin Reggio, Tim 
Gleason, Joe Llanes, Tim Troupe, Mike O'Meara, Mr. Swanson, Mr. Rogers. 

Swing batter... Joe Llanes steps up to the plate. 


Seniors on the team: Rainer Borchet, Matt Fulton, Kevin Virta, Mike McLaughlin, Dave 
Hillery, Krzysztof Szablowski, Dustin Antle, Pete Hunt, Ed Melucci, Tim Wright, Joe 
Llanes, Mike Frietas, John Fiumara, Josh Hatch, Brian Yeaton, Corey Pento, Mike Duclos. 




Pain for gain... looks 
like it works for Kevin 

And the winners 
are... Peter Hunt and 
Dave Hillery in the 
two mile! 

Gumby???? Nope! It's just Kris showing off his flexibility in the 
high jump. 

The boys are back.., 

Peter Hunt, Josh 
Hatch, and John 
Fiumara are ready 
to take the track by 


Kerry be nimble, Kerry be quick... 

Captain Kerry Watson jumps over a really 
high stick. 

If you say jump... Dawn Looby will ask, how high? 

Senior Girls on Winter Track: Dawn Looby, Kristin Kuja, Laura O'Keefe, Kerry Watson, 
Heather Dion, Michelle Walmsley, Rachel Souza. 

I'll huff and I'll puff... 

Kristin Kuja blows away 
the opponents. 

And ...It's good... Captain 
Heather Dion clears the bar, as 


Swingin' like a pro... 

Ed Melucci joins the PGA Tour. 

putt and Brioc 



lililli mm\ 

^Tii iiiiiiriHifi 

^ I I I I l\ I I 1 I I 1 t I 11 in t I H 11 1 1 U 

Golf makes me hungry... Dan Sullivan takes a snack break. 

White ball corner pocket... J. P. this is golf not pool. 

^ ^ . Shaun O'Leary, Dan Sullivan, Joe Malone, Ed Melucci, Coach Steele, Mike Lane, Jason CanteUi, Jeff 

i o4 * Haglund, T.J. White, J.P. Dalton, Jason Bellevance. 

To the Class of 1997: 

Your educational experiences at Silver Lake Regional School District 
have provided you with the necessary skills to inspire you to become 
whatever you desire. 

Norman Vincent Peale stated, "People become quite remarkable when 
they start thinking that they can do things. Wlien they believe in themselves, 
they have the first secret of success." 

Commitment and passion exhibited in your chosen path are two 
characteristics that will enable you to meet your goals. The enthusiasm 
that you display in whatever you do will enhance your chances to 
succeed. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. 

Congratulations to all members of the class of 1997. 


Paul A. Squarcia, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 

Congratulations Class of 1997! 
My best wishes for your success. 

William L. Pepper 
Assistant Superintendent 

Dear Members of the Class of 1997: 

It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past three years at Silver Lake 
Regional High School. You have been a class that has gone through a great deal 
of change but you have handled it with maturity, flexibility and enthusiasm. 
These are very important virtues to have throughout your life. 

You are a class that has been very successful with all of your activities. Your 
parents and teachers should be very proud of your accomplishments. 1 know 
that whether you go on to further education or directly to the world of work that 
you are headed for great success. 

"Once upon a time" you came to Silver Lake as nervous, immature sopho- 
mores who were still called "freshmen" by the upper classmen. You have 
grown to take your place among our graduates. We wish you great joy in the 
future and, just like in the fairy tales we hope that you will all "live happily ever 


John F. McEwan, Ed.D. 



Once upon a time ... there was a community. In the community 
were over 1700 people. All of the people in the community were 
diligent, responsible, caring, giving, and kind. Whenever the need 
arose, the members of the community would help each other. All 
day long people worked together toward a commitment to excel- 
lence of teaching and learning. The name of the community is 
Silver Lake Regional High School and I'm proud to be a member. 
Best wishes and congratulations to the Class of 1997; may you be 
successful in all of you future endeavors. 

Richard J. Kelly 
Assistant Principal 

Dear Class of 1997: 

I never say goodbye to any class that is graduating. However, this 

quote is appropriate for your class. 

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived." 

Thomas Merton 

Good Luck, 

Robert J. Cunniff 
Assistant Principal 

To the Class of 1997: 

My best wishes to you for your continued success. I am 

confident you will excel in your chosen endeavors 

Robert A. Hodge 
Assistant Principal 

^ V 


Art and Music 

Mr. Beaulieu 

Mrs, Cubi 

Ms. DePasque 

Mrs. Napolitano 

Mr. Shattuck* 


Mr. Govoni 

Mr. lovanna 

Mr. Osgood 

Mr. Spinelli 

Miss Thompson 


Mrs. Anti 

Mrs. Crowley 

Mrs. Curtis 
Mr. DiCesare 
Mr. Donovan 

Mrs. Drane 
Mr. Dunn 

Dr. Egan* 

Ms. Goldberg 

Miss. Maffini 

Mrs. McDonough 

Mrs. Mellon 

Mrs. Mutrie 

Mrs. Record 

Mr. Rizzitano 

Mr. Trenouth 

Mr. Turley 

Ms. Young 
Foreign Language 

Ms. Fitzpatrick 
Ms. Gillis 
Mrs. Hines 


"■Department Coordinator 




Renasissance Man 

Mr. Sorrento is a hard-working and dedicated 
teacher who truly loves what he does and tries to 
pass on his passion and excitement for art to his 
students. Being very down to earth, he is easy to 
get along with and even easier to talk to. Always 
ready to offer his advice, he is one of the greatest 
teachers a student could ever hope to have. 

-Melissa Henrickson 

Mrs. Jacobson 

Mrs. Jordan 

Mrs. Kafrawy 

Mrs. Maloney 

Mrs. Myr 

Mr. Tassinari 

Mr. Warnock 

Mrs. Woodhouse 


Mrs. Brown 

Mr. Cucinatto 
Mrs. Donohue 
Mrs. Gilchrist 
Mr. Laughlin 
Ms. Levesque* 

Mrs. Locke 

Ms. Martin 

Mrs. Richards 

Health and Fitness 

Ms. Allen 

Mr. Ashby 
Mr. Boulrisse 

Mr. Frazier* 
Mrs. Graham 

Miss Lopes 


Ms. Maynard 

Mr. Murphy 

Mr. Paquin 

Mr. Rice 

Home Economics 

Ms. Duggan 

Mrs. Madden 

Mrs. McAleer 

Mrs. Pimental 

Industrial Technologies 

Mr. Bennett 

Mr. Black 

Mr. Piwarunas 


Mr. Bloomquist 

Ms. BoUin 
Mr. C. Brown 
Mr. K. Brown 

Mrs. Carl 
Mr. Consolati 

Mr. Duffy 

Mr. Flaherty 

Mrs. Gibbons 

Mrs. Gould 

Ms. Hynes 

Mr. Kaupp 

Mrs. Mahtesian 

Mrs. Nicol 

Mr. Sawyer 

Mrs. Sennett* 

Mrs. Warren 


Mr. Cerne 

Mr. Cotter 

Mr. Dixon 


'Department Coordinatq 

Mr. Giammarco 
Mrs. Hanley* 
Mr. Johnson 
Mrs. Mannix 
Mr. Mitchell 

Mr. Murray 
Mrs. Poole 
Mrs. Pruyn 
Mr. Shetler 
Mrs. Stanghellini 

Mr. Tufts 

Mrs. Walsh 

Mr. Watson 

Mr. Welty 

Social Studies 

Mr. Bystrom 

Mr. Cucinatto* 

Mr. Darche 

Mr. Dries 

Mr. Dunn 

Mr. Fernandez 
Ms. Fitz William 
Mr. Giambanco 

Mr. Hunt 
Mr. MacKinnon 

Renaissance Woman 

Mrs. Shultz is one of those teachers whom students will re- 
member for years to come. Her consistent upbeat attitude 
makes her classroom a pleasant place in which to learn. Her 
exciting and innovative styles of teaching make Mrs. Shultz a 
liked and respected teacher, -jeremy Dutra 




t J 


A Man Among Men 

Smiling, entertaining, an all around great guy, and terrific 
teacher. These are the first words that come to mind when think- 
ing about Mr. Scott. His classes are not only a place of learning 
but also of excitement and enthusiasm. Outside of Silver Lake, he 
is a Boy Scout Troop leader and a devoted father. Another of his 
unique interests is antique cars. Always professional, Mr. Scott 
is truly one of Silver Lake's BEST!~Kerryn Donahoe 

Mr. Pierce 

Mr. Pina 

Ms. Schweer 

Mrs. Snavely 

Mr. Swanson 

Mr. Tavares 

Special Needs 

Mr. Briggs 

Mrs. Cashin 
Mr. Fanning* 

Ms. Gazzola 

Mrs. Gillespie 

Mr. Goggin 

Mr. Malone 

Mrs. McSweeney-Martin 

Mrs. Pejouhy 

Mrs. Rafferty 

Ms. Sproule 


Mr. Agostini 

Mr. Ahola 

Mr. Batchelor 

Mr. Gilbert 

Mr. Grady 

Mr. Greland 


'Department Coordinator 


Mr. Hardy 

Mr. Hathaway 

Mr. Lunny 

Ms. Maliszewski 

Mr. Medeiros 

Mr. Powell 

Mrs. Rohr 

Mr. Santoro* 

Mr. Siereveld 

Mr. Soule 


Ms. Bossung 
Mr. Burns 

Ms. Cameron 
Mrs. Dart 

Ms. Dondero 
Mrs. Doucette 

Mrs. Janhola 
Mrs. Jones 
Mrs. Mosca 

Mrs. Shea 

Mrs. Altobello 

Mrs. Armstrong 

Mrs. Hull 

Mrs. Knight 

Mrs. Lewis 

Mrs. Messier 

Mrs. St. Pierre 

Support Staff 

Mrs. Barnard 
Officer Kelly 
Mrs. Strassel 
Mr. Stringer 
Mrs. Wusenich 



Teacher's Choice 

Strong and resourceful, Kristen Strug is one of 
the most amazing young women I have met. She 
is a bright, determined and fiercely independent 
student who always strives to do her very best. 
Achieving that goal sometimes takes almost su- 
per-human effort for she has cerebral palsy and 
deals with more obstacles than most of us could 
ever realized. She is an outstanding student and 
human being. Over the past three years she has 
developed her self-confidence and sense of hu- 
mor. -Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Rafferty 

Joe Llanes is the epitome of the model school citizen. He 
is a leader academically, athletically and socially. His 
contributions in the classroom, on the track, and in com- 
munity service are numerous. He is dedicated to success 
in all his endeavors. I enthusiastically nominate Joe to be 
recognized for his hard work, integrity and leadership. 
-Mr. Kaupp & Mr. Bloomquist 

Charles Trapp is unique among students I've taught 
in my twenty-seven years at Silver Lake. Each grade 
of high school, Charles has challenged himself with 
a more difficult level of English. Once a basic stu- 
dent, he is now succeeding in Senior College English. 
Charles' diligence, determination and basic decency 
will serve him well in his chosen field. Culinary Arts. 
-Mrs. Mutrie 


Jeremy Dutra's work ethic is such that he always does the 
little extra needed to aim for perfection. What is amazing 
about Jeremy is that he always does it with the attitude that 
it's a challenge, not a drudgery, to complete difficult assign- 
ments. He loves learning and helping others. Even though 
he was very busy in the classroom, he would stop his work 
and help another student who was upset because the 
printer was not working properly. He solved the problem 
in his gentle quiet manner. He truly exemplifies the expres- 
sion: "Attitude is Everything."-Mrs. Shultz 


^d ;WorE 

Maria Sorrento is an excellent nominee for 
this honor. Since she has been at Silver 
Lake, she has displayed an exceptional at- 
titude in her subject areas and to her fellow 
students. Whenever someone needed help, 
she was there. Whenever there was a school 
related project to be dealt with, she would 
always volunteer. I know that Maria will 
continue to display these traits in the future 
and that she will speak well of Silver Lake 
and the Sorrento work ethic. -Mr. Sorrento 

Pam Riley and Jen Silvia have been very dedicated 
students in the Auto Mechanics Vocational Program. 

They have success- 

fully completed their 
studies in a program 
which is generally a 
non-traditional shop 
for females. Both of 
these students have 
put a great deal of ef- 
fort into their studies 
producing an instruc- 
tional video on wheel alignments and giving incoming 
freshmen tours of the shop area. They are always 
willing to give a little bit extra to make the program 
successful. -Mrs. Rohr 

Renee Reich was a student of mine as a sophomore in Human 
and Community Care Giving where she actively volunteered 
at Evanswood Center for Older Adults. She very willingly 
interacted with the elderly in the nursing home and Alzheimer 
unit. She worked well with the residents which gave her a 
sense of responsibility, pride, and self-worth that was evident 
in her journal accountsof her visits. Renee also worked in the 
Children's Center at Evanswood, and her kind, gentle manner 
put the infants, toddlers and preschoolers at ease. She is hard 
working, dedicated, and friendly which make it a privilege to 
know her. - Mrs. Pimental 


qustodial and Cafeteria jStalT 

Macho, macho man... Bill Winmill's got 
to be a macho man. 

"Not again..!" Allen 
Perkins is impatient to 
get back to his work. 

Whistle while he 
works... Custodian 
Kevin Doyle scrubs 
our hallways but not 
the mop and bucket 

Happy, happy, joy, 
joy... Ron Grattan 
waves bon voyage to 
Silver Lake. 


That comes with chips... Elaine Cormolly 
and June Dunn get ready for lunch. 


Cafeteria Crew... pictured are Helen Wright, Rita Stappen, 
Irene Flood, Joanne Swales, Mildred Waterman, Elaine 
Coirnolly and Anne Feleciano. 

Dear Kerryn, 

Let your 

integrity and kindness 

keep shining through. 

Give the world your best 

And the best will come 

back to you. 

Always remember that you 
are deeply loved. 

Mom • Dad • Sara 

Kerryn Donahoe 


You'll always be our sweet little girl. We're 
very proud of you and wish you all the happi- 
ness in the world. We love you, sweetie. 
Mom & Dad 

I Tanya Dingey 


Thanks for being such a wonderful 
daughter. Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Laurel Nee 


Congratulations, Matt! 

You've worked hard and you've 


^uamIW^^^^^^ us very 

'I^I^HJljgj up the 
^^^ work 
»-v-^ ^^ and we 
all your 
will come 

Love, true. 

Mom, Dad & Lauren 

Matt Perry 







Good-bye, Silver Lake! 

Hello, World! 

We love you, Stef . 

Mom & Dad 

Stefanie Janola 



Your goals, motivation and 

confidence are admirable. May 

happiness and success follow you 

always. We are very proud of you. 

With Love, 

Mom & Dad 

I Jeremy Dutra 



as every 


does how 




turn out. 



made us 

or happier. You bring love and happiness to 

our lives. We've been there for each other in 

the past and we will be there for each other 

in the future. Don't let anyone or anything 

stand in the way of your goals. You can do 

anything you aspire to do in life. Remember 

that! We love you! 

Love, Daddy and Mom 

Bonnie Gates I 


DAN, Congratulations! 
We are very proud of you! 


all that 

you can 






Dan Toland 



Through thick and thin, you've 

handled it all. We are so proud of you! 

Love, Dad & Mom 


Staci Gardner 


We are all so very PROUD 

of YOU and always have 

been. Our wish for you is 

continued health, success, 

and happiness. 

We love you very much! 


Mom & Dad, 

Lisa & Jennifer 

xo xo xo 

Shauna ZanoUi 



Our wish for 

you is that 

love and 

happiness will 

follow you. 

We are very 

proud of you. 


Mom, Dad 


Heather - 

Thanks for being such a great 

sister. Good luck in the future. I 

know you will succeed. Just keep 

smilin! I love you, 

Melissa „ ,, p,. 

Heather Dion 


We wish you love, happiness and success. 

We love you and are very proud of you. 

Dad, Mom, Shawn & Tara 

Michael McCarthy 

Congratulations to our 

wonderful daughter Allison. 

We are so very proud of you. 
Love Always, 
Dad & Mom 

All our love and 
congratulations for a job well 
done and the best of every- 
thing in the future. 
Love and happiness always, 
Grampa & Gram 

AlUson Goldie 


I wuv you. 

Thanks for 

taking care of 




Woof Woof 


Congratulations ! 

From kindergarten to 

your senior year 

You have made us proud. 

Be the best you can. 

Follow your dreams. 

They can come true! 


A.K., U.V. Karyn, 

Mayday & Angel 

Congratulations, "Mommy" 
You Did It!! 

Kathryn Kennefick F^ 



YOU have given us the most 
wonderful years any parents 
could wish for. Your loving, giv- 
ing ways touch everyone 
around you. We are very proud 
of you and we love you very 

Lots of Love, 

Mom & Dad 

Scott, Patrick, Dennis, Kerri, 


Nana, Aunt Wendy, Uncle 

Larry, Jenna, Grant 

Jody MacPherson 

This picture is a fitting 
tribute to your grand- 
mother, whom we lost 
this year. It shows the 
love to be portrayed in 
your life, to always be 
there for family and 
friends. An example to 
be emanated. 
You've grown into a 

man now, but I'll 
always see you as my 


Love, hugs, kisses, and 

God's blessings. 


Preston Aldsworth Lemanski 


Congratulations, Andrea! 

Where did the time go? One day my Uttle 
girl - the next a beautiful young lady. I 
hope all your dreams come true. Thank 
you for being my daughter and best friend . 
Love Ya Always, Mom 

Looking at college, graduating? How can that 
be? It was just the other day we got the call that 
we were finally going to met you face to face. 
1 remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday. 
And what a face it was! We fell in love with 
you instantly. We have stood by for seventeen 
years and watched you become a very intelli- 
gent, witty and caring young woman. We are 
very proud of your accomplishments in some 
times adverse situations. You have not only 
survived but have thrived and became a 
strong and beautiful person whom we are 
very happy to be related to. Congratulations 
and we know you will always make us proud. 
With our love always. 

Uncle Dick and Aunt Jo 

Andrea Bruce 




Through all the hardships, 
you've persevered. 
Now life is about to begin. 

Eric MacLeod 



From the precious little boy that you were, 

to the caring person that you have become, 

may all your dreams come true. 

Keep Smiling! 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad & Brianna 

•<■.■i.:■:l&^^.L.■^*L..:_;^^:. -^yiii^.* 

Dustin Antle 


You started out as our "Cutie- 
Pie" and have grown into a 
handsome young man. 

We are all so proud that you 
never gave up the challenges of 
school. Now, as you start the 
challenges of life, never give up 
and you will succeed. 

We Love You! 

Dad, Mom, 
Michele & Andy 

Kevin L. McGrath 


Dear Greg-O, 

As you begin life's journey, always remember what those who 
love you have tried to show and teach you. Continue to be a caring, 

compassionate and understanding 
person. We are so very proud of you 
and of your accomplishments. The 
world is yours for the taking; make 
the most of it. 

Most importantly, continue to be 
your own person - proud and hon- 
est. It has always worked for you 
and always will. 
Mom, Dad & Kathy 



Greg Dow 


Hope all your dreams 
come true. Always re- 
member your roots, and 
keep your sense of humor. 
We love you. Do your best 
in college. (After all, we're 
paying a bundle.) 
Good Luck! 


Mom, Dad, 

Jimmy & Cliffy 

John Hannon 



All your 

hard work 

has paid off. 

May all 



come true. 

We're very 

proud of 
you. Keep 



Dad, Mom, Terry & Andy 

Jeffrey Brems 

Congratulations, Sara! 

Follow your dreams. 

We are very proud. 

Love, Dad & Mom 

Sara DeLoach 


We are so vei~y 
proud of you. It's been 
a long and sometimes 
difficult jouniey, but 
you made it. We all 
knew you would. 
_Jiow quickly the 
years have passed. 
you have grown from 
the shy but always 
smiling little boy into 
the special young man 
^ v^^^^BH^^^v you are today. 

■b ^^^^^^^^^R Soon you will be 

Ik w^HBI^^^» starting a new and 

exciting time of your 
life. Whatever you may decide to do, wherever you 
choose to go, always renwmber we are here for you. 
We wish you love, health, happiness and success 
throughout your life. The youngest child is a pre- 
cious gift. .as parents we have loved you and watched 
you grow. Sonietimes it's hard to hold on to 
you.. .sometimes it's even harder to let you go. 
We Xgve you, t)an 
Mom, t)ad, (Brian, Greg <^ Jenn 
1 Daniel L. Scott 


^ .. 

^^^Bi ti 




^ ^^... 



From a little tomboy to a beautiful young woman, it's 
been a wonderful experience watching you grow. 

Congratulations - You Made It! You have our love and 

support to help you through whatever your future holds. 


Mom, Dad & Erin 

Kerry Shea IT 



We love you... and have always 
been proud of you since you were 
a "little tike." We are even proud 
of your future (even though it's 
not here yet)! Who knew that our 
little 7 pound, 15 ounce baby girl 
who was known as "Moana 
(moan) Lisa" would turn out to be 
a pretty, caring, and smart young 
woman by the age of seventeen? 
Thank you for always being a 
conscientious student; it will al- 
ways pay off! Your inquiring na- 
ture, your caring for all types of 
people, and your keen sense of 
right and wrong have certainly 
created a solid foundation for your 

We all know that there are 
enough lawyers in this world, but 
another Pierce like your grandfa- 
ther would most definitely be a 
positive addition to the world of 
law, if you still choose to take that 

Lisa, whatever path in life you choose to follow, we know that it will be the right path 
for you, our determined "Moana Lisa!" 

All our love. 

Mum and Dad 


You are a very talented and deter- 
mined person. I know that you will go 
any where and every where in life! 

Your brother, 

Lisa Pierce 


Meg (Meade), 

You were born seven days be- 
fore Christmas and were my favor- 
ite present that year. You are my 
sunshine, my gabbiest, most full of 
life, and a very loving daughter. 



After much anguish over how 
best to summarize my feelings, I can 
say it best with the simple words of 
"Thank you!" Thank you for allow- 
ing me to make mistakes. Thank 
you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for always loving 
me, even when it may have been difficult. Thank you for not judging me 
and always trusting my judgment. Thank you for making it so easy for me 
to be your Dad. I love you!! 

To Our Little Sister, 

We are and will always 
be very proud of you. You 
keep us laughing and you 
know how to enjoy life. 
Keep on smiling silly girl. 

We love you, kid, 

Sherri and Kate 

Meghan Canty 


Congratulations, Kristen! 

We are so 
proud of 
you, and 
we love you 
very much. 
Your beauty, 
both inside 
and out, has 
all our lives. 
Always be 
you, and 
keep shining 
your beauti- 
ful smile. 


Mom, Dad, John & Stephen 

Kristen McAuliffe 

Oh, the places you'll go! 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Katy & Jenn 

Matthew Skillings 


Congratulations! The day you thought would never come is 
finally here! We always knew you'd make it. As you chase 
your rainbow in life, remember to enjoy each step along the 
way. Your talents will bring you great success at whatever 
you put your mind to. Mom and Dad are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Mike & Haley 

Bet you thought this day would never come! I 

know you'll be a success at whatever you decide 

to do. If you ever need anything, I'm always here 

for you. 
Remember to smile and be happy - that's all I 

ask of you. I've always been (and always will be) 

proud to be your big sister. 

bnesni Jennifer Masscotte 


Congratulations ! 


You have grown up 

to be a very caring, 

responsible, and 

determined young lady. 

We are all so proud of you. 

May all your dreams and 

goals come true. 

We love you! 

Good Luck. 


Mom, Dad, Dan and Tricia 

Christine Gilcoine 



Always believe in yourself and follow 
your dreams. Sometimes they may 
seem impossible, but never stop work- 
ing towards them. We'll always be 
there to support you. We're proud of 


Mom & Kevin 

To Michael, My Grandson, 

You are a special person and I know you can 

do anything your heart 


Remember, you'll always have 
a special guardian angel, your 
father. He loved you a lot and 
would have been proud of you. 


We are very proud of you. 


Aunt Lisa & Uncle Ed 


I still remember your first day of school. I liter- 
ally worried myself sick because I was afraid 
you would get on the wrong bus home. You 
have gone from being my live baby doll, to my 
rival and now to my friend. Remember I will 
always be there for you and I'll always love you. 


Your Big Sister 

I Michael Lodge-Paolini 


You did it. We're 

proud of you. 

Gramma & Grampa 


Congratulations, Julie! 

We are so proud. 

May all your dreams 

come true. 


Dad, Mom, & Chris 

Julie Franklin 

To Kristin, 

You put your heart and soul into everything you 
do. Your achievements have been outstanding. 
Throughout your high school career, we have 
watched you accept challenges, overcome obstacles, 
and never give up. 

We're very proud of you. Congratulations! You 
deserve the very best. 

We love you. - Mom, Dad & Ryan 

Kristin Kuja 


"YESTERDAY" it seems you 
were only one, 

"TODAY" is here and high 
school is done.... 

"TOMORROW" you 11 be 

gone fulfilling your dream. 

Dad, Steph and I are all that's 

left of the team.... 
Our wish is for all your 
TOMORROW'S to be as 
happy as our YESTERDAYS and 
TODAYS.... All our love, 


Kristan Howie 




We are 
of you. 



David Varitimos 


















Thanks for being such a great son. 

Keep smiling! 

Much Love, 

Dad, Mom, Peter, Scott + Jana 

Jon Whiting 

Ryan + Jared 

A good friend is a forever friend. 

Good Luck and lots of Love 

From Your Parents 

Ryan McGrale & Jared Martin 



Congratulations!! You have made it. You've got 
an exciting future ahead of you. Hope all your 
dreams come true. Love always, 
Dad, Mom, Lisa, Kim, A.J. Sherrye & John 

Ryan Copeland 

Congratulations, Leanne! 

Best wishes for a bright and exciting future. You 
bring much laughter and love into our lives. 

Mom, Dad, Jennifer & John 

Leanne Capeless 


May all your dreams come 


The force be with you. 


Mom, Nini & Justin 

Heather Porter 


We are so very proud of you. With 
our hearts full of love and affection, 
we wish the very best. May your 
future be full of the happiness you 
have always given us. 
Love - Mom & Dad 

Mary E. DeMille 

Tara Andrea Brennan 



'" i 




Tara - How quickly you have grown 
into a lovely young lady. You will always 
be our baby doll. You have made us so 
proud of you. Be confident in yourself 
and you will go far. Friends forever. 
All our love, 
^ Dad, Mom, Sean and Justin 

Congratulations, Jamie! 

Jamie Miller 1"^ 



We are so 
proud of 
you! It has 
been a long 
hard road 
and you did 
a spectacu- 
lar job! 
You're a 
class act. 
We love 
May all your dreams come true. 
Mom, Michael, Rob & Matt 

Tiffany McCarthy 

Congratulations, Erik 


Mom and Dad 

Erik Fallon 

"Someone once said that children are like kites. Jpou 

spend a life time tiying to get them off the ground. 

you run with them until you're both breathless... 

they add a longer tail... 

they hit the rooftops... 

you pluck them out of the spout... 

you patch and comfort, adjust and teach. 

you watch them lifted by the wind and assure them 

that someday they 'II fly. 

Mnally they are airborne, but they need more string 
and you keep letting it out and with each twist of the 
hall of twine there is a sadness that goes with the joy 
because the kite becomes more distant and some- 
how you know that it won't be long before that 
beautifid creature will snap the lifeline 
that bound you together and soar 
as it was meant to soar... 
free and alone." 
Mom # tiad 

Andrew Haddock f 



From the very start as you uttered 
your first words, your winning per- 
sonality presented itself. Through the 
years you have developed a special 
kind of charisma and have shown 
such maturity and wisdom. These 
gifts can only mean one thing - you 
are destined for greatness. 

It has been a privilege being your 
Mom. You bring a smile to my face 
and put love in my heart. You are the 
second of my Three Treasures. 1 have 
been blessed three times. 

Follow your dreams. You are a 
credit to your family, your school, but 
most of all TO YOURSELF!! 

With the greatest love & respect. 

Daniel Sandberg 


You've grown into a beautiful woman 
inside and out. May your every wish 
come true. Ours did! 

Love - Mom, Dad & Matt 

Maria Sorrento 


Congratulations on your achievements. You have 
always pursued your own path. May you continue 
to follow the direction that leads to happiness and 
success. You will forever have our love and sup- 
Mum and Dad Aroline Seibert I 




To adapt ourselves with a quiet 
mind to what is possible and attain- 
able, therein lies happiness. 
Dad, Mom and David Kevin Moberg 


From then until 

now, you've had 

some bumpy 

times, but the 

great times far 

outweighed the 

not so great. 

You are a man 

any mom, dad 

and family 
would be proud 
to know and call 
their son. 
We love you and wish you great 
success in your future. 
Mom, Dad & Family 

Dennis Carreiro 


When you were 

so very young, all you 

wanted to play with 

was a real baseball. 

We hope in the future 

you will always want 

and be able to have 

what's real in life. 

We are so proud of 

you and we wish you 

all of life's best. 

Love always. 

Mom and Dad 

Timothy A. Troup 


Our gift from 

Heaven, Our little 

boy, Kevin! 

Once upon a time 
there was a little boy 
who wanted to go 
for a ride on the go- 
carts. Wild and 
Crazy Guy, Mr. 
Curran Hardware, 

Papa Man, Buddy, Mr. Tease, Chicks? 
Alarm Clocks! Irish eyes always smil- 
ing, red-head devil, never in trouble? 
Mr. Innocent, Mr. Comedian, 
A son we are so proud of. 
We wish you the best life has to 

Love, Dad, Mom, Brian, and Kerry 

Kevin Lane 



We are so proud of you and 

everything you do! 

The best is yet to come... 


Mom, Dad, and Jess 

Jason R. Trotta 


"You wake up and time 
has slipped away." 

We are very proud of the 
man our boy has grown to 
be. Your gentleness and 
caring are qualities that 
cannot be taught, they 
come from within. You are 
a young man of courage, 
honesty and high prin- 
ciples. As parents, we will 
ask nothing more of you. 
We have tried to build a strong foundation for you, 
one that we hope you will continue to build upon. 
You are ready now to travel your own path, but 
always remember that you will not travel alone; we 
are just a step behind. 

Remember yesterday is the past and tomorrow is 
not guaranteed. Live for today. It is a gift; that's 
why it is called the present. 

Adam joins us in wishing you the best. We hope 
all of your dreams go according to plan. 

"May those who love us, love us." 
Mom, Dad, and Adam 

I Joshua Hatch 

Congratulations, Kevin! 

Mom, Dad, & Amy 

We love 
you & wish 



You have 

brought so 

much joy 

to us, as 

well as 



May all 

come true. 

Kevin Virta H 



Just want you to know how proud I 
am of the young man you turned 
out to be. Love, 

Marc Pierce 


You've grown into a lovely, compassionate 
young woman. We've been blessed to have 
you for our daughter. Never lose sight of your 
dreams. All is attainable with perseverance. 


Mom & Dad DawnHurrie 


We are so proud of who 

you are. The person you 

have become. The values 

you hold dear. Some of the 

lessons have been real 
tough over the past twelve 

years, but you have 

learned to grow and stand 

tall. One door doses, 

another one opens. 

We Love You. 

Mom & Chris 

Andrea Lee Govoni 



Yesterday you were our 
school girl. Today you have 
become a beautiful young 
lady. Remember as you go 
through life, follow your 
dreams and reach for the 
stars. We love You. 
Mom & Dad 

Wishing a very special 

girl a bright and 

wonderful future. 

Love always. 

Nan and Pap 

You are a special 
We Love You. 
Nana & Grampa D. 

You're not just our sister Nazie, you're our best friend. 
Keep Smiling. Love ~ Andrea & Candy 

Renee Reich 

Thank you for all the special times 
we've shared together filled with 
love and laughter. There will 
always be a special place in our 
hearts for you. Love always, 
Auntie & Uncle Dave 
P.S. I'll have a french vanilla 
with milk & sweet & low! f 



Chris: Our wish for you is that all your 
hopes and dreams come true. 
Love ~ Mom, Dad, Bobby & Amy 

Christopher Joy 




So proud of 

you Necee. 
You'll be 

at what- 
ever you 
do. We 

love you - 






Renee, Chuck 

and all the Family 

Denise MacPherson 

Bye Bye Class of '97! 

It was so easy to teach you to wave good-bye. 
You were so proud of yourself as we are of 
you today. We knew you would make it. 
Always keep your fine spirit alive, follow 
those dreams and always smile and know you 
are loved. You are totally the best. 
Love - Mom, Dad - Miss & Chris 

_ I Steven Johnson 

A place above the earth, above the eea is dreamland as 
I can see. What you hear is played like a fiddle, with high 
pitched sounds. The man who plays it accomplishes very 
little. What you can see is a tropical land. It has fresh 
water and a little sand. What you can smell is fruited 
plains. The crops grow better when it rains. What you 
can taste is sold for free, besides, most of the food 
qrows on trees. By Matt Fulton, Grade 3 

We 'U love you forever & we 're very proud of the 

caring & idealistic person you have become. 

Love, Your Dad & Mom 


Congratulations, Kerry! 

Wide-eyed and 

wonderous, you've carved 

your own path. 

With hard work and 

spunk, you've 

accompHshed so much. 

We're so proud of you and 
the person you've become! 

May your future be as 
bright as your smile! 

All Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Chris 

Kerry Watson 


May all your dreams come true 

and your life be filled with love and 

laughter. We love you, Becca. 

Aunt Holly, Uncle Sid & Sam 

Rebecca Harris 


Mom & Dad 

Rebecca Ryerson i 


Karen - You're sensitive, compassionate, 
creative, ambitious, unique & intelligent; an 
exceptional daughter, sister & friend. Your 
smile is warm, your laughter contagious. 

Happiness and fulfillment await you . . . 
You know you're ready, we know you're 
capable. Confront the challenges, attack the 
roadblocks and experience your dreams. 
You continue to make us proud! 
Much love. Mum, Dad, Sean & Mike 

Karen O'Neill 


We ae very proud of you and the results of all 
your hard work! May all your hopes and dreams 
for the future come true. 
Love - Mom, Dad, Jenn & Kevin gteven Lockwood 


Congratulations and good luck in college. 

Remember, whatever you do and wherever you go, 

you'll always be our "Princess." 

Love ~ Your Godparents, 

Aunt Sue and Uncle Gerry 

P.S. Everybody out of the boat! Sheri Buckingham 



There was a tale 

told long ago 

of a child kissed 

by an angel... 

Dad and 1 still believe 

this to be true 

because there is no 

other daughter 

as special as you! 

May all your dreams for 

the future come true. 


Proudlij oiith Loue, 
Mom and Bad 

Best Wishes! - Sean 1 luv you Yell! - Michael 

You have stayed best friends with me through the 
good times and the bad and 1 hope that I have been 
as good of a friend as you have been to me. 
Congratufationa and Goad Luckl Kim 

Danielle M. Kennedy 

Sheri - 

Our baby girl has 
finally made it. 
We're all very proud 
of you. We wish you 
good luck in col- 
lege. May all your 
dreams come true. 
We will always love 
you and you will 
always be in our 
Keep Smiling. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Shelley, Sheila, Dan & Sheba 

Auntie Sheri, 

Have lots of fun in whatever you do. Remember 

I'll always love you and miss when you're off to 

college. MMMMMA 

Love, C.J. 


Sheri Buckingham 


When you were this size you were the nicest httle 

boy we ever knew. You've grown up to be the 

nicest young man we've ever known. If you 

weren't our son, we would still think this way. 

Since you are, we get to love you. 

Congratulations. Good Luck. We are so proud. 

All our love always. 

Mom, Dad, and Sarah (Max, too!) „ . „ . u 

Brian Buitenhuys 


You are our 

joy! You've 

grown into a 


young lady 

and we are so 

very proud of 

you. You are 

truly a special 

person and we 

are blessed to 

have you for 

our daughter. 

All our love. 

Mom & Dad 

Cara Cronin 


You don 't need direction 

You know which way to go. 

And I don 't want to hold you back 

I just want to see you grow. 

You 're the one who taught me 

You don 't have to look behind. 

Oh, yes, sweet darling! 

So that you 're a child of mine. . . 

Carole King 

Congratulations, Jenny! 
We thank you for the special gifts you 
have shared with each one of us. We love 
you dearly and believe in you fully. 

Mom, Dad, Robby, Mike, Aeny, and 

Jenny Byrne r— ' 



We are so proud of you 

and all your 

accomplishments . 

You strive to succeed. 

We hope that all your 

dreams come true. 


Dad, Mom, and 

Lisa Cash 


You have blessed our lives. 

We cherish the love, joy, and 

thoughtfulness you have brought 

to our family. We're proud of the 

young lady you have become. 

May health and happiness be 

with you all your days. 

Our love for you is endless. 


Mom & Dad 


A younger sister to one, an older 
sister to the other - you handled it oh 
so well. We love you. Good Luck! 
Kristelle & Mera 

Elyce Aherne 


Sail on Silver girl 

Sail on by 

Your time has come to shine all your 

Dreams are on their way. 

See how they shine 

Oh, if you need a friend 

I'm sailing right behind 

Like a bridge over 

Troubled water 

I will ease your mind. 

I love you, Maggie! 

xoxo Daddy 

Friends come and go 
But sisters are forever 
Love, Luke & Mandy xo 

We are all so very proud of 
you, Amber! 
Markita, Peter, Mammy, 
Grandpin, Roby, Laurie, MJ, 
Scott, Jack, Gerry, Nana, 
Grandpa, all of your cousins!!!! 

Amber, The angel opens her eyes 

The pale blue color of skies. 

Where are you going 

My little one, little one? 

Where are you going 

My baby, my own? 

Turn around and you're two 

Turn around and you're four 

Turn around and you're a young girl 

Going out of the door. 

Where are you going 
My little one, little one? 
Little playthings and petticoats. 
Where have they gone? 
Turn around and you're tiny 
Turn around and you're grown 
Turn around and you're a young wife 
With babes of your own. 

Child of mine. 

Child of mine. 

Oh, sweet darling. 

So glad you are a child of mine! 

143, Mumma xoxo 

Amber O'Neil 


Let us be like a bird for a moment 


On a frail branch while he sings; 

Though he feels it bend, 

yet he sings his song. 

Knowing that he has wings. 

Victor Hugo 


We wish for you the 
wings of hope and joy 
from your roots of love 
and faith- 
Mom & Zach & Dad 

We thank your teachers from kindergarten 
to graduation. 

Alex Gill 

Dear Pat, 

You have given us 
so much joy and so 
many reasons to be 
proud of you! 

Always remember 
to "Take the Shot" 
and believe in your- 

May your future 
hold much success 
and happiness. 
Mom, Dad & Bryan 

Patrick Furze 



I am so very proud of you because 
of your strong, caring, and loving 
personality. You make the words 
mother and daughter so very spe- 
cial and give them unique meaning. 

Always walk tall and proud in 
life. You have and always will touch 
people in a very special way 

Have a wonderful life, my daugh- 
ter, and always know I will be here 
for you. "Go Get 'Em, Babe." 
Love Forever, 

You are a very special person to 
me, not just my older sister; you 
are my best friend. You mean the 
world to me. Don't ever change 
for anyone; be yourself. 
I Love You very much. 
Love, your little sister. 

Lisa Hill 



You should be proud of your 
accomplishments. We are! 
Love, Mum, Dad, & Kristen 

Michelle Walmsley 

Dear Brian, 

We are so very proud of you. Your strong mind 
and determination have always helpedyou 
meet new challenges. We know you will suc- 
ceed in whatever choices you make in life. You 
have always brought us so much love, joy, and 
happiness. Congratulations. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Eric, and Crissy ^^.^^^ ^^ 

Natalie McCann 


Batalie Boo, 

Pigtails were so long ago — life vv^as 
easy then. 

But now it's time for you to explore a 
different world than then. 

The road was long and bumpy, which 
makes life more the fun. 

Don't be afraid to take a chance for you 
may get just one. 

So leave our side now Boo Boo Bear 

and be not ascared, for a new world 

awaits you and our love will always be 



Mum and Dad 


We've always been proud of 

you. Congratulations on all 

you have accomplished. 


Mom, Dad, Dan 

Michael Freitas 

Dear Mike, 

Yesterday we watched as you 
hung in the front window waiting 
for the day you could climb onto 
the yellow school bus. 

Today we watch you stretch and 
spread your wings for tomorrow's 
journey to new places and experi- 
ences where no yellow school bus 
will go. 

We loved you then, we love you 
now, and we will love you tomor- 
row and forever. 

Mom and Dad 

Michael Duclos 

Congratulations, Sandra! 

You are everything we expected you 
to be and more. We're so proud of 
you. Love always. 
Mom • Dad • Jacqui 

Sandra Beaton 

Jessica - 

You have 
filled our 
lives with joy, 
love, and 
laughter. I 
look at this 
picture and 
see our beau- 
tiful, funny, 
Lynnie-Pooh. Remember always 
that you're our girly-girl. 


Mom & Dad 

Jessica Wood i — ■ 


Congratulations to our 

shining star! 

You have filled our lives with 

music, happiness, and love. May 

they follow you wherever you go. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Melissa, Dave & 

^^ni Greg Smith 



to a 1997 
We're very 
proud of 
you. You've 
been God's 
gift to this 
family. Your 
three broth- 
ers admire 
you and love 
your egg 
Nicki loves 
you about horses, too. You're dad's Uttle prin- 
cess and will always be. Most importantly, you 
are my best friend and I hope that will never 
change. Best of luck in the future! Love, 
Mom, Dad, Ray, Nicki, Scott, and Kenny 

Kim Jones 


You have given us nothing but 
happiness since birth. 

May you never loose your 
qualities of gentle caring and 
kindness. May your w^orld be 
filled v\^ith enough excitement to 
keep you interested and 
involved, enough happiness to 
keep you forever smiling, and 
enough love to sustain you 

Go confidently in the direction 
of your dreams. We believe you are capable of being and doing 
anything your heart desires. Congratulations. We Love You. 
Mom & Dad 

Jessica Henry 



You finally made it! 
We are so proud of you. 

Good luck! We hope all your 

dreams come true in the future. 


Mom and Dad 

Carol Edic 


You have the face of an angel 

and a heart of gold. 
We couldn't be prouder of you 

in case you haven't been told 
We know you'll succeed in 

whatever you do. 
But most of all remember, 

you've got to be you! 
We all love you. 
Mom, Dad, 

Courtney, Kaitlyn, 
and Drew 

Congratulations I! 

Kristen Kerrigan i — ■ 



With wishes that 
all your dreams 

come true. 

Always follow 

your heart and 

remember we will 

always be there 

for you. 


Mom, Dad & 


Good Luck! 

Kimberly Seckinger 





Looking at this picture makes us realize how 

much you've grown and how much happiness 

you've given us. 

As you look to your future bring with you all 

the great family memories and remember that 

we are always here for you. 

Good luck! Follow your dreams! t- h, /-i 

J Timothy Gleason 


to the last of the Ridge boys. 
Your turn has finally come. 
We're very proud of you. 
You are a great person and a great 
son. With you our family was com- 
plete. Remember we're always here 
for you. 
We all love you. 
Mom & Dad 
Tam, Dave & Cassie 
Paul, Kay-Kay & AUie 
Frank, Lisa & ? 

Matthew Ridge 1"^ 




You're the best! 

We are so verry proud of you. 

Your happiness is our joy. 

We love you forever & a day. 

Mom & Dad 

Good Luck - Chad! 

You're the raddest. 
Love always, 


From a loving and caring 

little boy, to a respectful 

young man. We know 

you'll reach your goals in life. 

No grandparents could be 

more proud of a grandson 

than we are... 

Keep showing those 


We Love You. 

Grandmother & Grandfather 

Chad Verry 

The best is yet to be! 


I've often wondered where the years have gone. 

Watching you grow from a young boy to a man... 

Sharing experiences, challenges, and changes... 

Loving each and every moment. 

We love you Brian. We will always be there for you. 

With love, 

mom and dad 

jill and staci 

Brian Wiencko 

Congratulations, Matt! 

Wherever life may take you, 
always remember we all love 
you and we're proud of you. 
Love, Ma, Dan Gina, Renee & 

Matt DeLuca 

Congratulations, Jessica! 

We are proud of you 

alv^ays and all ways. 

May all your dreams 

come true. 


Mom, Dad, Melissa and 


Jessica Bradley l"^ 


Congratulations to ALL the class of 1997! 


Always keep smiling! Always keep a song in your heart! 

Always keep dreaming, believing and making memories! 

And know that we're ALWAYS proud 

and ALWAYS Love You! 

All our love. Mom & Dad 

May all life's tracks be 

clear for you 

in every race you run, 

turn out to be as you 


always a winning one! 



We Love You... 

Nan & Pop 



So proud of you and all 

you've accomplished! 

You're on your way to 

great achievements! 

Love always. Grandpa 


Congratulations! I know you'll 

succeed at whatever the future 

holds for you! 

Love, "Godmother," Auntie Moe 

Carolyne ... 

Life is a song, sing it! 

Life is a game, play it! 

Life is a challenge, need it! 

Life is a dream, realize it! 

Life is a sacrifice, offer it! 

Life is love, enjoy it! 

Congratulations. Love always, 

"Godfather," Uncle Dan & family 


...We wish you continued 

success in your future and 

hope all your dreams come 

true! Love, 

ALL your Aunts, Uncles & 


Way to go, "C"! I'll always 

be looking up to my BIG 


Congratulations with love, 


Carolyne MacLellan I 





You're a great son... 

We Love You!! 
Mom, Dad & Brian 

Eric Scioscia 

Congratulations, DAWN! 

As a little 

girl we held 

your hand 

to guide and 

protect you. 

Now as you 

graduate, it 

is time to let 

go of that 


We are so 

proud of all 


accomplishments. May all your 

dreams come true. 

Ma, Dad & Kevin 

Dawn Looby 


You Did It! 
Congratulations! We are all 
very proud of you. What- 
ever road you choose, know 
that we will always be 
behind you 110 per cent. 
Believe in yourself and don't 
be afraid to let that warm, 
sensitive personality show 
through. You can be any- 
thing you want to be. 
Love You - Mum, Dad, 
Tracie & Brad 

Brandi Kessel 


Many in sports think success and 
excellence are the same. They're not. 
There's no substitute for excellence, 
not even success. Success is tricky, 
perishable, and often outside our 
control; the pursuit of success makes 
a poor cornerstone... Excellence is 
dependable, lasting, and largely an 
issue within our own control; pur- 
suit of excellence, in and for itself, is 
the BEST of foundations. 

May all 


dreams and 

come true! 

Jo Jo 

We're so proud of all you have achieved, but 
most of all we are very proud of the person 
you are! May love, happiness and success be 
with you always. You are a treasure. 


Dad, Mom, Jaime, Dan and Jeffrey 

Joseph Llanes 1"^ 



Congratulations ! 

Our wish for you is that all 

your dreams for the future 

come true. 

Dad & Mom 

Joseph Mason 


You are the brightest light 

in my life. 

Now go out and light up 

the world. 


I Love You. 


Jennifer Warwick 





May all of your hopes and dreams for the 

future come true. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Matthew 

David Hillery 


Congratulations to a great 
son and brother. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Allan & J.J. 


We are both so 

very proud of 

you. Through 

all the good 

times, and the 

bad, you've 

held your 

head high and pushed onward 

to reach your goals. You are a 

special person and we wish you 

luck and happiness through out 

your future. 

Love always. 

Dad & Mom 


Scott MacLean 

Casandra Handorff 



From a cute little girl into a 

beautiful young lady. 

We're proud of you. 

Keep up the good work. 

All of our love. 

Dad, Mom, & Dale Jr. 

Kara Bergeron 

Congratulations, Colleen! 
We are all very proud of you! 

Hey Sunshine 

Your ever smiling, happy face has always 
made OUR world a beautiful place. 
Love you always. Ma & Steve 

Congratulations, Chickie-Monkey! 
Reach for the stars. 

Love ya - Your big (little) sister - Stacey 

You were always just my little sister, but 
now you have grown into the kind of 
person that I'm proud to call my friend as 
well. Congratulations! Love, Todd 

Congratulations, Colleen! 
To my last, but not least niece. Go for it. 
Love, Aunt Betty 

Colleen, stay as nice as you are. 
Congratulations. Love - Betty & Ed 

Colleen Estabrook I _ 


From this cute little girl, you've grown 
into a beautiful young woman both inside 
and out. I'm very proud to call you my 
daughter and niy friend. Always remem- 
ber "when you feel like hope is gone and 
you feel you can't go on, you can always 
pull through because a hero lies in you." 
I Love You Princess ~ Mom 

Angelina Ricciarelli 

Tim, Congratulations!! 

We wish you success and happiness 
forever. Keep "your" sense of humor. 
Love ~ Dad, Ma, Sara & Jeff 
P.S. Is your homework done? 

Tim Wright 

Way to go, Melissa. 
We knew you could do it. 
We hope you will succeed in every- 
thing you want out of life. 
We love you. 
Mom, Nicole, Grammy & Family 

Melissa LaVigne 


May your dreams never disappear with 
age, but may they continue as ahve 
and as beautiful as you with the knowl- 
edge that they will someday come true. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad and Ainsley 

Adam Fest 


I remember like it was yesterday when you came into 
our world! Your mom and I were so proud; we had 
our little girl! Tiny hands and little feet, you were a 
godsend. You made our lives complete. The years 
have come and gone and time has surely flown by. 
You've grown from a baby to a woman in the blinking 
of an eye. A man could not be more proud of his 
daughter than this father is of you. 1 hope all your 
dreams and wishes will eventually come true! 
All my love. 
"Your Edward" 

Amber Margaret Grenham-O'Neil 

My Scott is quite a son, 

A little "devil," kept me on the run. 

All so cute and full of hell. 

Now my story I will tell. 

Over the years his character did grow 

Changing much, who would know. 

With A's and B's, my soccer star. 

This lad does well; he'll go far. 

It's hard for kids in this world today. 

You teach them values, and then you pray. 

Every parent should have such a boy 

Who makes you proud and gives you joy. 

Thanks, Scottie 

Love you. Mom 

Scott Kendrick I _ 




Ymi have brought 
so much joy and 
happiness to our 
lives. Now you 
have grown to be 
a very caring and 
sensitive young 
man. We are very 
proud of you. Best 
of luck in the future. 
Love, Ma & Dad & 

John Drew 


Chris and Connie Sorrento 

Beverly and Charles King 

Elena and John Aherne 

Stephen & Mary Freitas 

Mark and Mary Lou Murzyn 

Roger and Vivian Cardinal 

Sumkcne ^ooC Company 



STATE Lie. 2237 








(617) 293-7075 


80 Evergreen Street 
Kingston, Mass. 02364 



Since the day you were born, 

you've filled my life with 

happiness, frustration 

and exasperation, 

but I wouldn't change it one bit. 

You're not only my daughter, 

but my friend. 

You've made me extremely proud, 

and I know that you will continue 

to do so. 


"For the happiest of life, 

days should be rigorously planned, 

nights left open for chance." 

With love, respect, and admiration. 

From first day to the last, you've done it!! 

Marie Sanford 



to the 
Class of 1997! 

Hilltop Athletic 


P.O. Box 12 
Pottle Street 
Kingston, MA 02364 



95 Church St., Rt. 139 
Ptmbrokc. MA 02359 

(617) 826-2949 




Anderson's Plaza 

The ©rapeoinc Plorist 

Off Paradise Lane 

Halifax,MA 02338 




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(617) 585-6401 


Fieldstone & Cobblestone 

Upper Level 

95 Church St., Rte. 139 

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The Fastest Printer in New England 

66 SUMMER ST., RTE. 3A g 

(next to Kingston Post Office) 


M-F 8:30-5:30 SAT. 9-1 

1-800-WPT-MSr I 

Tel. (617)585-6021 

Good Luck! 
Class of '97 

Kingsbury Square 

Routes 53 & 3A 

Kingston, MA 02364 

(617) 585-6800 



The Sky's The Limit! 

Congratulations to the Class of '97. 

You have a solid base from which to take off, 
and to reach your destination. 

We would also like to join you in thanking your parents and 
teachers for all the leadership and guidance that they provided 
during your four year journey at Silver Lake High School. 

Hannon-Ryan Insurance Associates, Inc. 

166 Center Stree Pembroke, MA 02359 

Tel. (617) 293-5500 Fax (617) 293-7943 

Open Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. 

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zr P.O. Box 353 Bryantville, MA 02327^ 







David C. DiBenedetto, D.M.D. 


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Class of 1997 

Quality Confections from our family to yours 

D\£.LrLn cJ-fijn^i; 'O-KobxU.iox 

Anderson Plaza 

Route 139 (95 Church St.) 

Pembroke, MA 02359 

■ BH 

Ron & Kathie Fedele 



Fax 617-826-7986 


Established J 966 

Tel: (508)378-2800 

Fax; (508)378-7504 

Toll Free: 1 -800-486-6986 



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• And Much More 


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jSummcr Street Station 

Baktru • Ocli -Ice C:rcjni 

Kingston, M& 
lloblc'B damcra Shops, Inc. 

Kingsburi) Square 
Kingston, ;\TfI 






Cpg Our 





78 Summer Street • Kingston, Ma 02364 






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J%ne Italian fining 

Serving Lunch & Dinner 

Carmela 's 

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Best of Luck 

to the 

Silver Lake 

Class of 1997! 

From Carme/a s Restaurant 

The Viscariello Family 


Senior Portraits with Style! 

•Fun, relaxed atmosphere 
•Lots of creative backgrounds 
•Several clothing changes 



•Beautiful outdoor studio 
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Congratulations Class of 1997! 

DiCeronimo Brothersi 

Super Markets i 

182 Summer Street • Kingsbury Square • Kingston, MA 02364 


Time has gone 
by so quickly. 
YouVe grown 

up so fast. 

You've been a 

joy in all our 

lives. With 

Love and 

Happiness for 

you and 

Hopes and 

Dreams for a 

great future. 


Jared Rood 

Naturoffy Bcauiifui Outdoor Portraits 

ironmentoT Portraiture 

Many area focaticms 
Five pacAo^ES availaHt 
Satisfaction guaronleei 

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If you could just squeeze in a little more... Whoever 
said the girl's softball team was camera shy? 

Grrrrr... These seniors really aren't as mean as they look. 

Goodbye... Mrs. Mutrie's senior English class wishes 
their classmate and friend, Krzysztof Szablowski, 
good luck. 

Pig pile.. .Jessica Wood, Karen O'Neil, and Kelly 
Robbins try to support their whole team. 

Our favorite 

period. ..We 

just love 
'3 cafeteria 
■ food. 


Yearbook ^taflT 

Our class has been together for a memorable four 
years. In this yearbook we have tried to capture the 
ei)\otions ai^d good times that we have experienced 
together during those y ears. Jiopef ally, you will 
enjoy what we have produced and take it with you 
wherever the road of life leads you. 

Tlianks to Ms. Goldberg, Ms. Mtzwilliani. John 
and the rest of the faithful staff n\embers. 
tven though we often disagreed, we did it! 

JCeriyn 'J^onahoe 

Making a list and checking it twice... Laurel Nee and Tanya Dingey check 
to see if you've handed in your senior picture. 

Yearbook Staff: First Row; Melissa Henrickson, Jeremy Dutra, Ms. 
Goldberg, John Drew, Kerryn Donahoe. Second Row: Bonnie Oates, 
Kristen Fortiiii, Stefanie Janhola, Dina Brennan, Dan Sandberg, Ms. 
Fitzwilliam. Third Row: Matt Perry, Tanya Dingey, Laurel Nee, Julie 

Captions? Please don't make me write 
any more!!! Melissa Henrickson feels 
the pressure. 


Wiili lIuH hook, a coiiedion of jjkiwcH, alories 
and memories gathered throughout our high 
school year, we all leave injune. This is one of 
a kind and port rays the spirit and attitude only 
the class of V7 possesses.. /Is we choose our 
future destinations, which may take us far from 
Silver Xake, this book will bind us together. 
Good JXick. 

.// special thanks to Ms. Goldberg and Ms. 
Mtzwillia})i for their continuous help. 

^ylssistant Editor 
John '£>rew 

Most School Spirt, Friendliest, Class Individual. 

Staff members create an assembly line and count 
superlative votes. 

Having fun?..Did you forget about the Yearbook 
deadline? Kathryn Kennefick, Dan Sandberg, Bonnie 
Oates and Jeremy Dutra cut loose. 

What comes 
first, P or O..? 

Jeremy Dutra 
puts some 
senior quotes 
in alphabeti- 
cal order. 

Have you seen 
Ms. Goldberg's 

keys...? Laurel 
Nee is on her 
way to return 
some keys. 


v!jr 5 im, 
mpit tm 

CASS of 97 

Cl,«Sef'97 ^ 

Tliough this flip has been long and strange, 

^ait of our past it now remains. 

TJie time Jms come for us to mark the end 

To our JugJi school chapters, not our friends. 

This brand new chapter is fmalhj our own, 

J^orwe are ready to challenge the world alone, 

Our own decisions now laid in stone. 

So on graduation day. 

Without distance our futures lay, 

^nd with our friends and family gathered near 

Sharing in our Jiappy cheers. 

We toss our caps high in the air. 

^p they go — a chapter closed. 

T)own they come — a new one just begim. 

Tlierefore as we teaifully depart, 

"Good-bye" are not the words to say 

^ut rather "Tliank-you for helping lead the way." 

J^or it is the pans of our treasured pasts 

TJiat will assist us down our endless paths. 

-'liachel Soitza 
Class of 1997 


In Louing Memorcj ofKeoin McGmfh 

"My first Looe " 

i±ihe.n I tef( you 

/ tooe yau ' 

( (nant it 

to mean more 

then Uthen 

anyone else 

in the uihole laorld 

Says it.... 

( uiant it to mean 

that your happiness 

is everything to me 

and that f (i)ant 

only the hest for you aloiays 

no matter athat it takes.... 

I aant itto mean 

that you're more important to me 

than anything else 

in my life... 

(sihen I tell you 'f love you' 

Idiantitto mean 

that you're part of me 

and I'm part of you 

and no matter mhat 


in this uiorld 

we 'II he together forever 

Sharing our lives 

and our happiness 


Love fareuer. 
Ten Ooii) 




Silver Lake Regional High School 

Kingston, MA 02364 


im^^ '^ 



r; ■<) <. 



♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦